Love Your Life Masterclass


Imagine how it would feel to have Happiness, Fulfillment and Love take the driver’s seat in your life so that you no longer need to feel stressed, worried or have to struggle to make ends meet or try to make everyone else happy but you?

If worry and struggle are driving everything in your life right now, then your energy tank will be empty soon and you are constantly going to need to find time to refuel or get sick. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have drawn you up a roadmap, to help guide you through your self-sabotaging beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you stuck in this endless holding pattern of stress and struggle. You are stuck in the paradigm of never having enough but that can all change.

I know you want more from life, I understand the feelings inside that make you want to strive for something better. You know there is so much more out there for you. But I also understand that until you know how to access and change those old stories and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, you will continue to live in the cycle of struggle, self-sabotage and not feeling good enough.

I’ve been there, I’ve felt like that so many times through the years and once I learned how to let go of them and re-program my mind with new, empowering beliefs and love myself for who I am, my life transformed in so many ways. New opportunities, synchronicities and people entered my life to help me and support me and it filled up with more happiness and love than I ever imagined possible.

You can have this too.


This journey is going to be one of transformation, re-connection, remembering who you really are and what your purpose is here on this beautiful planet we live on. You will learn new life-loving skills, re-connect with your unlimited intuition, gifts and talents. Create your own Bliss roadmap and with the help and support of like-minded women who are just like you, feel supported and encouraged to take the steps to change what you feel needs to be changed in 2017.

You don’t have to do it alone. Change is one of the hardest things to do on your own, you need a mentor and a sisterhood to support you every step of the way. You can have that.


I have drawn you the map and lit the road ahead, now all you have to do is take the first step.

Whether you want to re-ignite the passion inside of you for your life and the people & things that you love, to feel that joie de vivre for Life again or you are creating a soulful business and want guidance on how to serve more people and help to change the world one step at a time, this program is for you.

Our Ruby Level is the ‘Loving-life’ strategy level of the program. Self-empowerment, spiritual development, reconnecting to Self & Nature. Self- love is the basis of this whole program. This level is about becoming the Best Version of yourself that you can be. You will have 4 private one to one coaching sessions with me throughout the 6 month program and you choose when you want to use them. You are in control of your journey.

Our Diamond Level is for the Spiritual Business Owner, like therapists, coaches, holistic practitioners, anyone who is following a vocation to help and serve the world in some unique and talented way. You may only have an idea for a business right now but if you do, this is where you can create it. Diamond level is to help you build a solid foundation for your business to grow and flourish, starting with you. You will have 6 private one to one coaching sessions with me over the next 6 months where we will work together on your limiting beliefs, money blocks and create a soul based business strategy that feels right for you and your business to grow in 2017.

You are here to Love Your Life, share your dreams, speak your truth and unfold your soul’s purpose

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You are already an amazing creator and manifester but we will learn together how to hone and focus these skills by creating a nurturing space and time for yourself where you will discover that everything you need is within you.

Connect with a community of soulful sisters and friends who will love and celebrate your success and surround yourself with people who will encourage you to grow into your greatness.

Where do you see yourself by the end of 2017? Following your dreams, living your purpose, sharing your gifts with the world? Or will you be in the same place as you were last year and this?

I know, I did it myself for too many years, I tried to put my life on hold but it’s too precious to even let a minute slip by. Don’t waste what you have been given, to live an amazing and beautiful life designed by you. Your time is now, take my hand and let’s make 2017 different from all the rest.


We start January 14th, Here is What You Get

Early Bird registration starts now 30th November til 30th December. Early bird Ruby Level investment of £177 per month, regular price after Dec is £207.

Diamond Level Spiritual Business Owner early bird investment is £247 per month ending Dec 30th with regular price of £277 after this date.

When you enroll with us your investment will get you;

  • 12 Live Group trainings and Q&A’s via video link (2 per month)
  • A monthly focus for Personal & Spiritual growth
  • A monthly downloadable Workbook and Playsheet to explore the monthly theme
  • Access to you Masterclass community to share and support you on our journey together
  • Private 1 to 1 coaching sessions with me (4 or 6)
  • Email support & access to me for coaching and check-ins
  • 6 Power Crystals (1 a month) to support your Mind, Body & Spiritual development
  • Monthly Video training on using your crystals, rituals, healing, visioning and more
  • Loving Life and/ or Business strategy road maps
  • New Life Visioning skills to support you and help you see your big vision
  • Gatherings in Nature to meet up and create strong friendships and bonds within the group
  • A recommended Book of the Month for exploring each monthly theme further
  • A Welcome package for getting started with videos, meditations and your first Power crystal

Want a quick overview of what we will be doing in this program?

Month 1:Self-love/ Self-care; creating your Miracle Morning self-care ritual, looking at beliefs and patterns that are holding you back. Self-worth, Self-talk and lots of Self-love. Power crystal- Rose Quartz.

Month 2:Allowing and Letting go: Becoming more compassionate. Acceptance of who you are right now. Forgiveness rituals. How to let go of the things you don’t give a fuck about (very cathartic) Looking at what’s important to you right now & action steps. Power Crystal- Lilac Lepidolite

Month 3:Connection (Inner and Outer) Nature, meditation, journaling, Connecting to Spirit/ Gaia. Power animals and guides.Less planning and more flowing. Gathering at a sacred space in nature. Power Crystal- Pink Granite

Month 4:Intuition (masculine/ feminine); Listening to your inner voice, creating balance with your super-power. Healing emotional wounds. Chakra balancing exercises. Taking action on your intuition. Power Crystal – Iron Pyrite

Month 5:Stepping into your Power (alignment and taking risks) Where do you give your power away. Setting life goals and how to move towards them. Raising your vibration. Moving into Flow. Feeling empowered or disempowered for alignment to your purpose and happiness. Shamanic journey for clarity. Power crystal- Lapis Lazuli

Month 6:The Next Step (Playing bigger and sharing your gifts) Moving into action, creating steps towards your goals. Following your intuition. Exercises in moving out of your comfort zone. Grounding and protecting your energy. Success by living in gratitude and love. Co-creating and collaboration. Power Crystal – Smoky Quartz

Enroll Here Now

Ruby Level £177 per month

Diamond Level £247 per month


Love the sound of this program? If you would like to know more about the program or see if it’s right for you, why not email me at and book a Free 20 minute discovery session with me, Bernie. Just put Free 20 minute discovery session in the subject line and we will get connected!

Already know this is for you? Woohoo, step into your power girl! Use the appropriate link above to get started and get your Welcome package asap, full of goodies to start you off before we start officially on January 14th

I can’t wait to meet you all on January 14th, let the transformation begin!

Bernie xxx

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PS- Hey sister are you still sitting on the fence? I know change can be scary, I totally understand if you have never done this before and don’t know if it’s for you so drop me a quick email right now to and let’s chat ❤ xxx