Love Your Life, Live Your Passion a 10 week Group Program

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STARTS 12th September 2016

Love Your Life, Live Your Passion has a different purpose than most self-development programs because instead of just working on developing your mindset for creating a beautiful life You will also be re-developing and remembering how to connect with your heart, reconnecting with your feminine side, finding more balance, love and expression in your life too.


Are you working your ass off right now but still not either making enough money, finding the right relationship or finding enough time to spend on yourself?

For millennia and especially the past few decades, women have been trying to do what everyone else is doing and if that feels ‘off’ to you, that something doesn’t just ‘feel’ right, that’s because we have been living in a world of masculine energy, based in logic, action and a disconnection from our inner self and our emotional well-being.

So where is the Feminine Energy? Where is the Creativity, Imagination, the Nurturing and developing our passions? When You are connected to both your feminine and masculine sides, you reconnect to your Soul’s Plan. Then All the Things You Want Start Flowing Into Your Life instead of having to struggle and constantly be second guessing yourself and your intuition. A life of Balance is created

When you reconnect with your Feminine Energy and Creativity, intuition and ideas will lead you to places you have never gone before, you will discover a new passion for life and adventures awaiting you. You just have to remember how to tune back in to it and listen.

I am going to show you how

Love Your Life, Live Your Passion is for a new age of Feminine Knowing, Understanding and evolving your spiritual growth in a more organic and intuitive way. Instead of having a road map, you will align back to your higher self and ask for the signs to take you there instead. This is all about trusting your intuition.

You may be a healer, a spiritual seeker, a boss or a mother, the one thing that connects all these titles is that you are a woman who knows that there is more to life than just these roles you play, you are looking for more, an awakening of your spirit, let’s call it.

All you have to know is that you are heading in the right direction, by using the signs in your life. What signs am I speaking of?

  • More Happiness
  • More Compassion
  • More Fun
  • More Self-Understanding
  • More Self-Love

Develop a balance in your life with more Creativity, Vision and Intuition.

As a woman, your feminine energy is imploring You to set it free, let it out and show you how much easier life can flow for You. Your Creativity, Resourcefulness, Sensitive Perceptions and your Fierce & Beautiful Spirit wants to be released and put to work. They have been shackled for far too long!

If You have been feeling unsettled, feeling incomplete or know that there has to be more out there for you, you probably also understand intuitively that it is time to embrace All That You Are if things are going to change in your life.

 Join us and Enroll Today to Love Your Life, Live Your Passion 

Do you love crystals, oracle and tarot cards or Angels, maybe you want to work with your animal guides and love working with energy. Do you love nature, painting, baking or using your hands to create from your heart?

Doing the things you love and making no excuses for it starts to ignite your heart and fuel your Spirit. Joining with others in a community of like-minded, passionate sisterhood creates a momentum and magic in your life that is hard to sustain on your own.

Why try to do it alone when you can be Supported and Nurtured?

Join me and our community of amazing women who want to shine their light, embrace their passion and Love Their Life to the fullest, just like you.

Feel the embrace of a community of women who understand where you are right now and will help to support your growth, your vision and hold your hand while you try new things.

Dip your toes in the water of this ten week journey of Feminine Evolution, Happiness and Self-Love and imagine where you could end up!

Here’s What You Get:

  • A weekly Affirmation or Mantra to help you create your new positive mindset
  • How to Manifest a Life You Love in easy weekly exercises
  • Tools to help you tune in to your Intuition and help you Co-create an Amazing Life with the Universe
  • Your weekly theme or focus on Self-awareness, Self-love, Happiness, Following through and Living a Life of Balance
  • 10 heart based Connection Piece Videos based around each weekly theme 
  • 6 x 45min Live Group Coaching Calls throughout the program
  • 4 x 45 minute online Live Chat /Q&A’s to stay Connected
  • Your Private Facebook Community of Soul Sisters for sharing, giving support and keeping you on track 
  • Journaling options to go deeper and help you release old patterns, based on the weekly theme
  • Encouragement to start bringing your passion, imagination & vision into the world using your new skills
  • Lastly, we are going to celebrate Who You Are. Big style!

 For just £177 Today (Regular price of £217 from 5th September) Love Your Life, Live Your Passion is a 10 Week Journey of Discovery into how to Create the Life You Really Want

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Or 2 Payments of £90 > {keep scrolling, see below}

This is an online program that can be done at your own pace and time from Anywhere, you just need an internet connection. There are no excuses, change is in the air.

Go for it, I have even created a payment plan for you so you can pay the first installment now when you enroll today for just £90 (approx $115, only available until the 4th September) and pay the last installment of £90 in four weeks time. I’m making this easy for you because I know that when you Really want something, the first thing your head does is come up with a reason Why you can’t have it!

 >> Join Our 2 Part Installment Plan and Get Registered Now! <<

I can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to your community of soul sisters, let’s start a new way to love your life, together.

Much Love & Happiness

Bernie Browne xx

(Goddess in Flow) New Spirit Coaching

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