How to Become a 21st Century Goddess!

Daenarys Dragon

5 Steps to Becoming a 21st Century Goddess

The reason I decided to write this was I have been looking at Goddesses recently and if you happen to just type that word, Goddesses into Google images what you will see is sexy, partly clothed, beautiful women.

Then I thought, OK so I can’t compare myself to these images but instead of taking the image to be a true likeness of each Goddess, what if I was to look at the symbolism of the image of this powerful feminine persona. What lessons can Goddesses teach me about owning my own power?

1.Own Your Dragons – yes we are still speaking in symbolism but as Daenerys Targaryen will attest (Game of Thrones) those dragons can wreak havoc and mayhem without a loving and firm hand of guidance. So what are your dragons? What aren’t you taking responsibility for in your life? Maybe it’s your own happiness, neglecting your body, taking crap from people and not standing up for yourself or maybe letting credit card debt spiral out of control. These, dear goddess are your dragons, and if left to do their own devices will not make you feel like a proud dragon mummy. Own your shit, it’s as simple as that. Goddesses make mistakes, yes and they also make things right once they see the error of their ways. Taking responsibility for yourself is a seriously empowering way to live.

2. You Have an Inner Light – like ancient Goddesses, artists painted their deity with love and beauty. Have you ever seen a photo of yourself that someone took unknowingly when you were having fun, caught in the moment of joy and you thought, holy crap I look great, hot, sexy etc? That’s what other people see when you aren’t afraid to be yourself, when you are loving life and aren’t worried about what other people think of you. You can switch this on or off depending on how you feel and most of the time you might pretend the bulb is broken and forget to fix it. You were born to glow! Doing the things you Love and giving yourself permission to do them is like replacing the 10w bulb with a 100w bulb. Now all you have to do is SHINE baby!

3. Empowerment is the New Sexy – this is one of the big secrets to being a Goddess, you have to make empowering choices, because what they do is make you feel Great, Confident and Happy. These things send out amazing positive energy and we humans are attracted (Big Time) to positive Vibes! How would it feel for you if every decision you made came from deep inside, with the belief that each decision was being true to you? That bulb we just talked about in step 2 starts glowing fiery hot and you start doing things differently, your own way and with no apologies. That’s sexy!

4. Goddess of Compassion – no-one likes a big ego or a bully, we’ve all experienced people like that and we don’t want to become like them. That doesn’t mean you have to hate them. Understanding of the human soul or spirit takes great experience and compassion. You already have both. You are here on this planet, fully equipped to be the light for others who are suffering, need someone to listen or support them until they get back on their feet. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Goddesses know that they have a purpose, to heal, to bring joy, to teach, to guide, to support, to love, without prejudice. This is the greatest space of growth for us because as we help, love and share with others we get to know and love, forgive and heal ourselves. ❤

5. Balance is in the Small Stuff – living life as a 21st Century Goddess is a balancing act. You aren’t expected to be the Best Goddess, just the best You can be. There’s no time for comparing yourself to others, yo-yo dieting, huffing or spending all your free time on social media. Being a Goddess takes commitment! You must learn to balance your Masculine side (that’s all the doing stuff, working, organising, studying, ruling the world etc) with your Feminine side, the side I feel most women need extra curricular time for as we are so out of practice. This is the stuff that you’re made to feel guilty about, down-time, creative time, reading, painting, hobbies, meeting close friends, sleep, nurturing your body and soul. These are Just as important if not more as the masculine because your feminine side supports and nourishes you inwardly. If you feel exhausted, strung out, feel ill or at your wits end, you have been neglecting your feminine needs. That’s why it’s a balancing act, you have to now start listening to your body and heart and what it needs.

Goddesses don’t just look a certain way, act a certain way or say specific things, to make them a Goddess. Oh no, they have had to walk the walk to make their mark and impression on the world. That’s how you get to be remembered dear goddess-in-training. There is always more room for more Goddesses in this World.
Shine Bright Sister!

with love

Bernie xxxx




A Deeper Connection with Yourself (women are leading the shift)


Most women I know are seekers, truth speakers and teachers within our communities and even our families. There are others that have maybe followed a different path and learned something new about our world through science, technology and other masculine defined industries where it’s hard for a woman to be a success, but many do it.

What drives us is what interest me the most. From the women I talk to its something they feel is missing, they can’t quite define what it is just yet but they know it’s out there and while they search for this ‘thing’ they are guided to try other ‘new’ things.

There is a tidal wave of re-connection happening in the women of today, to spirit, to knowledge, an old knowledge and to something that burns within many of us at this time, a connection to other women who are doing the same thing.

I see it every day, on Facebook, in workshops and walking through my home town. Women are gathering together. Maybe they haven’t noticed it, but I have. There is an energy drawing them to learn old ways, Reiki, aromatherapy, homeopathy, crystals, healing therapies, shamanism, wicca and so much more.

The search is on, they no longer want to be defined by the fact that they are just a mother, just a nurse or a teacher, they know they are more than that. These things are important by all means but we are no longer what we do for a job, or what we do naturally as a women, that is not what defines us now.

We no longer want to feel separated from other women, when women come together the energy changes and becomes stronger, more powerful. This community supports one another, bonds us together with something stronger than a job title because women see one another. As a whole being; as a free spirit, as a teacher, a healer, a mother and much more because they are too.

Women have fun together, we empathize and sympathize and we understand what it is to be a women in the world today with the chaos that surrounds our families, towns, cities and countries. Those separate places no longer separate the women on those continents and I feel a shift coming. The judgements that were taught to us no longer make us separate because the more I talk to you, the more I know you are like me.

If you want to have a deeper connection with yourself, connect with other women like you. Follow your heart to what you would love to do or try or learn and you will find other women there, just like you, looking for a deeper connection, a deeper understanding and a healing heart.

Don’t think your interests are crazy or too out there for others to be drawn to it or might think secretly you are a nerd. Nerds are cool now and so are the myriad things that connect us all, but don’t just sit there reading about it or watching a You tube video about it. Go find somewhere where others come together and let them show you, connect with you and teach you. They will learn from you as well.

If you can’t find a place local, do it yourself, you are an expert in your own field, invite others to share what you know and soon you will be inundated with women who thought it was ‘just them’ that loved what you do too.

Sisters, we are stronger together, let’s re-connect! Your weirdness, your nerdiness, your indefinable spirit is driving you towards this collective gathering, reach out and connect, you are not alone. ❤

4 Tips on How to Feel More Grounded

Does life always feel like a real roller-coaster ride, one minute you are up and the next you are down?

Chances are you are not being aware of your energy and are either feeling other people’s crazy energy or giving away your own. Here are 4 tips on how to stop the see-saw of every day thoughts and emotions from overwhelming you ❤

Much love and Happyness

Bernie xxxx

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Manifesting 101

Did you know that you are an amazing manifestor?


Who Takes Care of You? Connecting to The Power Within

power within you

A year on from creating this blog, so many things have changed and my journey has become much deeper than I ever thought possible. I understood that I was on a journey about Spirit and Awakening; to my purpose, following my dreams and unknowingly to me, changing my career along the way so that I would become more aligned with that purpose.

So my question of the title is actually a bit deeper than it first seems because I can ask you who takes care of your health, your emotional well-being, your finances etc and I would think many of you reading this would say you do but also someone else helps you too, like your doctor, a personal trainer, a mentor or a partner.

Which is all good, the one thing I have learned on my journey is that we cannot do everything alone. Sometimes we need help, sometimes we need guidance. But ultimately the responsibility for taking care of you lies with You.

So many of us, especially women spend so much of our lives taking care of other people that when that changes they no longer see what their purpose is. They feel useless, unfocused and set adrift with so much going on around them but they cannot see their own place in this jigsaw puzzle we call life.

It may be because children have grown up, a family member has passed on or a marriage or partnership has split up. These are usually life-changing events for everyone involved, but to then have no direction after the event can send many women into a downward spiral of misery and depression – sometimes for years.

But have hope. By knowing that all things are ultimately your responsibility means that you have choices and that you are in control of Your own Life. Your own Spirit. Your own Happyness.

No one else. There is no blame here, no guilt.

What has gone on before is in the past and now it’s time to shine your light on yourself. What do You want? What do You care about? What do You want to make of your life?

I’ve read many books, filled many journals and completed many courses to get to where I am now and I still feel I can only see half the road that I’m on. But that’s OK. I’m in no rush.

And each moment I spend looking at myself,reflecting on what I have learned about myself and loving myself just a little bit more each day is a day well spent on the path of discovering why I’m here on this amazingly beautiful planet at this very important time in history.

I know that us humans are awakening, like from a deep slumber or maybe more aptly from a deep hypnosis. Material things are not fulfilling our human spirit anymore and so there is much confusion, misunderstanding and even panic in many cases because this energy is world-wide and we are all feeling this energy, whether you know it or not.

That is why there is so much unrest across the world.

Those among us who are sensitive, empathetic or very connected to themselves and the environment have been feeling this for some time but a lot of the world is still asleep, thinking that life and things happens TO them rather than finding out that isn’t the case.

Feelings of powerlessness and loss of control are probably the strongest and most prevalent emotions around right now, that’s some scary stuff right there! Lot’s of negative energy.

But that isn’t how it needs to be. There are so many other ways to get our power back but it’s not from anyone on the outside. Not from our parents, partners, children, clergy, the police, army or government or anyone else who we think has grieved us.

Yes they have taken our power but most of the time we unconsciously have been giving it away, because we Don’t think we Deserved it for ourselves. That’s what I think empowerment means.

Understanding and knowing that you have a great power within you, that if you live in this power you can change lives, create amazing things and help lots of people. Have an amazing life and it’s all there inside of you just waiting to be tapped. Unfortunately many of us don’t find this well, which I call Spirit.

They believe what we have been taught en mass for generations, that we have limited choices, school, university, career, marriage, 2.4 children, work for 40 years and retire and do as little as possible until you die. That’s enough to kill anyone’s spirit!!!

So my loves it’s time to wake up! You have unlimited choices, you can be, do or have anything you set your mind to and YOU are the only one who can take care of you, no matter what age you are. Your power is the love you have in your heart and when that starts to overflow,(the love you have for the amazing human being that you are, in every aspect) you can start sharing that power with the rest of the world. ❤ Hold onto your Power.

Love is the highest vibration of energy there is.

Start with you and you will start a revolution of Joy, Fulfillment, Love and Bliss!

much love & bliss

Bernie xxxx

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5 Ways How to Not Let Your Head Mess With Your Dreams

follow your dreams

Hi my beautiful friends, I talk to a Lot of women with what I do and many of them say, I wish I could do what you do, or I wish I had more time to do ….. (whatever it is they love) and I ask them Why can’t you?

They normally reply I don’t know how, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I’m too busy already. Does this sound familiar?

So I want to share something with you about these responses that you automatically answer with which might enlighten the situation a bit.

They are NOT True.

I used to use all these lines in some fashion for all types of reasons, mostly they were an excuse to get out of something I didn’t want to do or feel like doing, but soon, the more I used them, the more they became a Belief in my subconscious. Yours too!

I believed what I was saying was true.

How do we form habits? By repetition.

Are they all good habits? Well you can make up your own mind on that one. All you need to do when you respond with one of these answers is ask yourself – Is that true?

You may think it is but if someone turned up with a cheque for 500,000 quid would your response be But I’m Too Busy to Spend it?

A-ha! there you go, because your mind wants to keep you in your comfort zone,(where it’s safe) unless it thinks that something has no risks and then it says ah yeah go for it. (Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen as often as we’d like to think).

So, if you really had an aspiration to try something different or do something new but that little monkey- mind is telling you, but you’re too busy, you don’t have time for all that. Let’s try it a different way.

So let me ask you, What would you love to start doing that your head keeps giving you all these reasons you can’t?

Maybe it’s to take a new class, start a new routine, write a blog, change career, sack your boss, go traveling, take up a new hobby…

What Would You Really Love to Do? (take 5 mins and get jotting down some ideas)

5 Ways that will help you do more of what you love

1.Start now, it doesn’t have to be anything big but take one small step towards doing it. Like get a prospectus, check out a new gym, read up on how to start a blog, look on travel websites, join a facebook group based on what you want to do or learn and join in.

Beginning new things has a beautiful, exciting energy to it and what that tells your brain is that this must be something good, exciting good, not exciting bad.

2. Don’t sweat the HOW. This is where most people get road blocked because this is where the excuses try to kick in again. So instead of focusing on the how, focus on the WHY!

Why are you doing this? Because this is what makes you happy! Maybe you don’t even know if you can do it or if this is for you yet but if you don’t try you will never know and that brings up feelings of regret (brain doesn’t like bad feelings) so if you don’t know how, ask someone who does and give it a try.

3. Don’t make money a reason to do it or not do it. So many people give up and regret it before they even gave it a chance because their mind truly believes that money will stop them doing something they love.

Most people do what they love first, they don’t even care if they don’t get paid because their payoff is the feelings they get from doing what they love, right? But what can also happen is that many people inspire others, who can pay them to do what they love for a living and so if it your Why is about doing something that makes you feel great, then money will eventually follow. (ask Bill Gates, Richard Branson or J.K.Rowling)

4. Be consistent. Mastering a skill is what takes something from a hobby to a vocation or a career. If you aren’t sure, have a dabble and a play and see if this is right for you. No one is going to tell you, I’m sorry this is your 4th hobby, you can’t have any more!

When you find something you love, for me it’s coaching and connecting with people like you, you Want to get better, you will Want to master your skill and become better at it because it fills you with joy and pride and enthusiasm for life, it gives you a buzz! Be that in the evenings, before you go to work or on weekends. I don’t have time no longer means anything to you!

5. Have Fun! 😀 If you are not having fun, then you aren’t doing it right.

What I mean is, enjoy the process, enjoy what you are learning, laugh at your mistakes and share your joy! If that’s not happening then why are you doing it? Go change it if you are not enjoying certain parts of your life, you deserve to be happy!

Your mind is all about keeping you safe, but it also wants you to be happy (homeostasis or balance). So if you can fool your head into thinking this is just for fun, no big deal and move each baby step towards that dream or goal, they aren’t big enough steps to set off the alarm bells, plus you are enjoying yourself – well this can’t be dangerous!

So my beautiful dreamers dare to enjoy your life, dare to have fun, dare to master your skills and be the best you can be at whatever it is you choose to do with your beautiful life ❤

Let your dreams soar!

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Much love & bliss

Bernie xxxx






Are You Setting The Wrong Type of Goals?

I have learnt over the past 5 years what makes a good goal and what makes a not so good goal. Good goals excite you and scare you at the same time because you know you will have to push your boundaries, but how you feel as and when you get there is all part of the experience of getting to that end result.

A not so good goal is setting a number, a place or a thing as your goal and when you get there will be when you celebrate. What happens if you don’t get to that goal or things change half-way there?

I’ve been here a lot and didn’t even get a T-shirt! The failure, disappointment and the negative self-talk you go through whenever you set goals like this and don’t reach them, usually puts you off setting goals again for another few months, years or if ever again.

Hey I am all about setting goals, they motivate me to keep my feet moving and point me in the direction of my destination, but now I get less specific about the What and more about how it will FEEL.

You see this goal is all about Mastery, the journey and learning is as important as the goal itself. The latter goal is about an end result, pushing all the way with only a pay-off at the end (if you get there)

Choosing goals like; I will be the best parent my kids can have or I will always have the most amazing human experiences in my life opens up all the potentiality of how you can reach these goals and all the experiences you will find as you move towards them, while specific numbers or results usually only give you a few options on how to get there.

Can you see why quotes like ‘A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot‘ makes sense?


 excites and scares

 The idea that you are going to Co-create with the Universe is a scary thing. There is this unknown entity about how do I get there. Some people need a plan, of course you do!. Sure, have a plan but also plan for the unexpected opportunity and the unexpected person who just happens to show up with the right knowledge or the right connection and BAM! – a big piece of the jigsaw puzzle you never even knew existed just fell into place and got you a whole lot closer to that goal.

Isn’t that exciting?!

I recently found out that I am not motivated by money – ah yep, it was a shocker, because I obsess about it like a banker, but no, it doesn’t set my heart racing or have me jump out of bed in the morning – so that’s why my goals to earn $$$ just were never reached or even got close.

However, now I know this I now set Mastery Goals.  I’ve set myself a new goal about how many women’s lives I want to help change for the better and OMG! It’s like a switch has been flung on and all the potential ways that I, with the help of my manifesting partner (the Universe) could do this buzz around my brain daily and the feelings of how this made me feel was and is one of the most exciting things I have felt since I found out that we were going to Disney as a kid! 😀

So ladies you may not be motivated by a sales target or getting a qualification so you can have a certain career, but what if you switched it around to; by the end of the year you will make a deposit for a trip around the world and plot your favourite destinations on a map? Instead of looking at how much money you need to make, save or find,  visualise what that money can get you, what are your end goals for this money? A new house, a car, a new wardobe, that dream trip, who you want to help, get your independence?

Follow those feelings and set that feeling as your End Goal instead.<3

PS- Don’r Forget to Have Fun!

Much love & Happyness

Bernie Browne xxx

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