Be Brave & Blissful Project

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We Hope to Bring the Triple B Project back in 2019

The Doors are Now Open again for our first project of 2017 of this successful and transformative program.

We are enrolling women who want to find out more about themselves and live a more heart centred life, feeling more confident, self-empowered and beautiful.

This 14 day journey of self-discovery is going to change the trajectory of your life!

Yes that’s a very bold statement, but life can change in the blink of an eye if we know how to do it. Together we are going to feel happier,  be more confident and make more of a difference in the world.

Not because it’s something we would like to do, you’ve been there and are probably still waiting for it to happen! No, together we are going to be brave and take a step in a new direction, one full of intention, love, new opportunities and more blissful moments in our lives. Are you with me?

What you get on this program:

  • 14 guided videos for daily practices for mental, spiritual and emotional well-being
  • Learn New Skills with our HEALING Circle techniques
  • A chance to clean out your mental & emotional closet and make some new space
  • Go deeper into what isn’t working for you in your life and learn how to release old feelings of frustration, anger, grief or guilt
  • Proven Steps to move forward and find your passion in life
  • Learn Empowering techniques to start feeling great
  • Community Support in a safe group environment with like-minded women
  • Live Q&A Call in the group half-way through the course
  • Personal 1:1 Check In at the end of your 14 days

Are you fed up feeling stagnant? Is your life still on the same old path for years where nothing has changed? Do you long for more vitality, to feel good inside and meet the world with more self-confidence in yourself?

It actually doesn’t take a lot of change in your life to improve how you want to feel, but you must make some small changes to see different results. We all know the Einstein saying about insanity; to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, isn’t just a quote, it’s a Life Truth.

Do you envision yourself in a better version of your life right now, with more time to yourself, less struggle and enjoying life in the best way you see fit? However, right now you work long hours, feel constantly stressed and feel your free time is not your own?

How much longer can you keep living this life do you think? Do you want to continue living like this or start to feel amazing change? It only takes one decision to change your life….

Stay the same? Or be brave and do something different!?

I Want In -Join Now for just £22! Starting 17th April

(Sign Up Before April 10th and Receive my 2 Special Bonuses!)

This is Your Life, What are you going to do with it?

Join me and a special group of courageous women on your new journey. Still not sure?

 Here is what some of our previous participants said about their experience in the Be Brave and Blissful Project.

Liz says;

Because of the Be Brave and Blissful Project I am more focused on me and appreciate and accept myself more ..can even say ‘I love myself’ !!! I’m more present to my reactions and choices and owning my part in ‘situations’. I’ve become more involved in Life and have a sense of belonging and support regardless of where I am – home or away

Emily shares;

I always knew I wanted to take control over my own happiness I just didn’t how, until the lovely Bernie guided us into thinking about what actually makes me happy and how to achieve it. What I have achieved from the project is to listen more to my inner voice and to have faith I am exactly where I am supposed to be. The project has a great group chat and I was always looking forward to hearing about how the other ladies got on with their daily tasks. They were all a great support and it felt good to know that other woman wanted to learn to be more happy and confident as well. . I highly recommend this project, best money I have ever spent on myself! Just do it gals, you are worth it!!!

Laura comments;

Very glad I decided to try this course. I have realised that it is good to be a little bit “healthily selfish” and that it is important to take time out for yourself. Letting go of old habits and thought patterns and beginning to honour yourself is challenging for many women, and this course made me aware of things that needed changing in a very gentle and loving way. Lovely course lead by a lovely and caring person. Thank you once again Bernie X