How to Become a 21st Century Goddess!

Daenarys Dragon

5 Steps to Becoming a 21st Century Goddess

The reason I decided to write this was I have been looking at Goddesses recently and if you happen to just type that word, Goddesses into Google images what you will see is sexy, partly clothed, beautiful women.

Then I thought, OK so I can’t compare myself to these images but instead of taking the image to be a true likeness of each Goddess, what if I was to look at the symbolism of the image of this powerful feminine persona. What lessons can Goddesses teach me about owning my own power?

1.Own Your Dragons – yes we are still speaking in symbolism but as Daenerys Targaryen will attest (Game of Thrones) those dragons can wreak havoc and mayhem without a loving and firm hand of guidance. So what are your dragons? What aren’t you taking responsibility for in your life? Maybe it’s your own happiness, neglecting your body, taking crap from people and not standing up for yourself or maybe letting credit card debt spiral out of control. These, dear goddess are your dragons, and if left to do their own devices will not make you feel like a proud dragon mummy. Own your shit, it’s as simple as that. Goddesses make mistakes, yes and they also make things right once they see the error of their ways. Taking responsibility for yourself is a seriously empowering way to live.

2. You Have an Inner Light – like ancient Goddesses, artists painted their deity with love and beauty. Have you ever seen a photo of yourself that someone took unknowingly when you were having fun, caught in the moment of joy and you thought, holy crap I look great, hot, sexy etc? That’s what other people see when you aren’t afraid to be yourself, when you are loving life and aren’t worried about what other people think of you. You can switch this on or off depending on how you feel and most of the time you might pretend the bulb is broken and forget to fix it. You were born to glow! Doing the things you Love and giving yourself permission to do them is like replacing the 10w bulb with a 100w bulb. Now all you have to do is SHINE baby!

3. Empowerment is the New Sexy – this is one of the big secrets to being a Goddess, you have to make empowering choices, because what they do is make you feel Great, Confident and Happy. These things send out amazing positive energy and we humans are attracted (Big Time) to positive Vibes! How would it feel for you if every decision you made came from deep inside, with the belief that each decision was being true to you? That bulb we just talked about in step 2 starts glowing fiery hot and you start doing things differently, your own way and with no apologies. That’s sexy!

4. Goddess of Compassion – no-one likes a big ego or a bully, we’ve all experienced people like that and we don’t want to become like them. That doesn’t mean you have to hate them. Understanding of the human soul or spirit takes great experience and compassion. You already have both. You are here on this planet, fully equipped to be the light for others who are suffering, need someone to listen or support them until they get back on their feet. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Goddesses know that they have a purpose, to heal, to bring joy, to teach, to guide, to support, to love, without prejudice. This is the greatest space of growth for us because as we help, love and share with others we get to know and love, forgive and heal ourselves. ❤

5. Balance is in the Small Stuff – living life as a 21st Century Goddess is a balancing act. You aren’t expected to be the Best Goddess, just the best You can be. There’s no time for comparing yourself to others, yo-yo dieting, huffing or spending all your free time on social media. Being a Goddess takes commitment! You must learn to balance your Masculine side (that’s all the doing stuff, working, organising, studying, ruling the world etc) with your Feminine side, the side I feel most women need extra curricular time for as we are so out of practice. This is the stuff that you’re made to feel guilty about, down-time, creative time, reading, painting, hobbies, meeting close friends, sleep, nurturing your body and soul. These are Just as important if not more as the masculine because your feminine side supports and nourishes you inwardly. If you feel exhausted, strung out, feel ill or at your wits end, you have been neglecting your feminine needs. That’s why it’s a balancing act, you have to now start listening to your body and heart and what it needs.

Goddesses don’t just look a certain way, act a certain way or say specific things, to make them a Goddess. Oh no, they have had to walk the walk to make their mark and impression on the world. That’s how you get to be remembered dear goddess-in-training. There is always more room for more Goddesses in this World.
Shine Bright Sister!

with love

Bernie xxxx




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