A Deeper Connection with Yourself (women are leading the shift)


Most women I know are seekers, truth speakers and teachers within our communities and even our families. There are others that have maybe followed a different path and learned something new about our world through science, technology and other masculine defined industries where it’s hard for a woman to be a success, but many do it.

What drives us is what interest me the most. From the women I talk to its something they feel is missing, they can’t quite define what it is just yet but they know it’s out there and while they search for this ‘thing’ they are guided to try other ‘new’ things.

There is a tidal wave of re-connection happening in the women of today, to spirit, to knowledge, an old knowledge and to something that burns within many of us at this time, a connection to other women who are doing the same thing.

I see it every day, on Facebook, in workshops and walking through my home town. Women are gathering together. Maybe they haven’t noticed it, but I have. There is an energy drawing them to learn old ways, Reiki, aromatherapy, homeopathy, crystals, healing therapies, shamanism, wicca and so much more.

The search is on, they no longer want to be defined by the fact that they are just a mother, just a nurse or a teacher, they know they are more than that. These things are important by all means but we are no longer what we do for a job, or what we do naturally as a women, that is not what defines us now.

We no longer want to feel separated from other women, when women come together the energy changes and becomes stronger, more powerful. This community supports one another, bonds us together with something stronger than a job title because women see one another. As a whole being; as a free spirit, as a teacher, a healer, a mother and much more because they are too.

Women have fun together, we empathize and sympathize and we understand what it is to be a women in the world today with the chaos that surrounds our families, towns, cities and countries. Those separate places no longer separate the women on those continents and I feel a shift coming. The judgements that were taught to us no longer make us separate because the more I talk to you, the more I know you are like me.

If you want to have a deeper connection with yourself, connect with other women like you. Follow your heart to what you would love to do or try or learn and you will find other women there, just like you, looking for a deeper connection, a deeper understanding and a healing heart.

Don’t think your interests are crazy or too out there for others to be drawn to it or might think secretly you are a nerd. Nerds are cool now and so are the myriad things that connect us all, but don’t just sit there reading about it or watching a You tube video about it. Go find somewhere where others come together and let them show you, connect with you and teach you. They will learn from you as well.

If you can’t find a place local, do it yourself, you are an expert in your own field, invite others to share what you know and soon you will be inundated with women who thought it was ‘just them’ that loved what you do too.

Sisters, we are stronger together, let’s re-connect! Your weirdness, your nerdiness, your indefinable spirit is driving you towards this collective gathering, reach out and connect, you are not alone. ❤


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