Who Takes Care of You? Connecting to The Power Within

power within you

A year on from creating this blog, so many things have changed and my journey has become much deeper than I ever thought possible. I understood that I was on a journey about Spirit and Awakening; to my purpose, following my dreams and unknowingly to me, changing my career along the way so that I would become more aligned with that purpose.

So my question of the title is actually a bit deeper than it first seems because I can ask you who takes care of your health, your emotional well-being, your finances etc and I would think many of you reading this would say you do but also someone else helps you too, like your doctor, a personal trainer, a mentor or a partner.

Which is all good, the one thing I have learned on my journey is that we cannot do everything alone. Sometimes we need help, sometimes we need guidance. But ultimately the responsibility for taking care of you lies with You.

So many of us, especially women spend so much of our lives taking care of other people that when that changes they no longer see what their purpose is. They feel useless, unfocused and set adrift with so much going on around them but they cannot see their own place in this jigsaw puzzle we call life.

It may be because children have grown up, a family member has passed on or a marriage or partnership has split up. These are usually life-changing events for everyone involved, but to then have no direction after the event can send many women into a downward spiral of misery and depression – sometimes for years.

But have hope. By knowing that all things are ultimately your responsibility means that you have choices and that you are in control of Your own Life. Your own Spirit. Your own Happyness.

No one else. There is no blame here, no guilt.

What has gone on before is in the past and now it’s time to shine your light on yourself. What do You want? What do You care about? What do You want to make of your life?

I’ve read many books, filled many journals and completed many courses to get to where I am now and I still feel I can only see half the road that I’m on. But that’s OK. I’m in no rush.

And each moment I spend looking at myself,reflecting on what I have learned about myself and loving myself just a little bit more each day is a day well spent on the path of discovering why I’m here on this amazingly beautiful planet at this very important time in history.

I know that us humans are awakening, like from a deep slumber or maybe more aptly from a deep hypnosis. Material things are not fulfilling our human spirit anymore and so there is much confusion, misunderstanding and even panic in many cases because this energy is world-wide and we are all feeling this energy, whether you know it or not.

That is why there is so much unrest across the world.

Those among us who are sensitive, empathetic or very connected to themselves and the environment have been feeling this for some time but a lot of the world is still asleep, thinking that life and things happens TO them rather than finding out that isn’t the case.

Feelings of powerlessness and loss of control are probably the strongest and most prevalent emotions around right now, that’s some scary stuff right there! Lot’s of negative energy.

But that isn’t how it needs to be. There are so many other ways to get our power back but it’s not from anyone on the outside. Not from our parents, partners, children, clergy, the police, army or government or anyone else who we think has grieved us.

Yes they have taken our power but most of the time we unconsciously have been giving it away, because we Don’t think we Deserved it for ourselves. That’s what I think empowerment means.

Understanding and knowing that you have a great power within you, that if you live in this power you can change lives, create amazing things and help lots of people. Have an amazing life and it’s all there inside of you just waiting to be tapped. Unfortunately many of us don’t find this well, which I call Spirit.

They believe what we have been taught en mass for generations, that we have limited choices, school, university, career, marriage, 2.4 children, work for 40 years and retire and do as little as possible until you die. That’s enough to kill anyone’s spirit!!!

So my loves it’s time to wake up! You have unlimited choices, you can be, do or have anything you set your mind to and YOU are the only one who can take care of you, no matter what age you are. Your power is the love you have in your heart and when that starts to overflow,(the love you have for the amazing human being that you are, in every aspect) you can start sharing that power with the rest of the world. ❤ Hold onto your Power.

Love is the highest vibration of energy there is.

Start with you and you will start a revolution of Joy, Fulfillment, Love and Bliss!

much love & bliss

Bernie xxxx

PS- Want to start your own journey into self and find that power I am talking about? Join us on my transformational program Be Brave & Blissful Project starting August 8th.





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