Are You Setting The Wrong Type of Goals?

I have learnt over the past 5 years what makes a good goal and what makes a not so good goal. Good goals excite you and scare you at the same time because you know you will have to push your boundaries, but how you feel as and when you get there is all part of the experience of getting to that end result.

A not so good goal is setting a number, a place or a thing as your goal and when you get there will be when you celebrate. What happens if you don’t get to that goal or things change half-way there?

I’ve been here a lot and didn’t even get a T-shirt! The failure, disappointment and the negative self-talk you go through whenever you set goals like this and don’t reach them, usually puts you off setting goals again for another few months, years or if ever again.

Hey I am all about setting goals, they motivate me to keep my feet moving and point me in the direction of my destination, but now I get less specific about the What and more about how it will FEEL.

You see this goal is all about Mastery, the journey and learning is as important as the goal itself. The latter goal is about an end result, pushing all the way with only a pay-off at the end (if you get there)

Choosing goals like; I will be the best parent my kids can have or I will always have the most amazing human experiences in my life opens up all the potentiality of how you can reach these goals and all the experiences you will find as you move towards them, while specific numbers or results usually only give you a few options on how to get there.

Can you see why quotes like ‘A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot‘ makes sense?


 excites and scares

 The idea that you are going to Co-create with the Universe is a scary thing. There is this unknown entity about how do I get there. Some people need a plan, of course you do!. Sure, have a plan but also plan for the unexpected opportunity and the unexpected person who just happens to show up with the right knowledge or the right connection and BAM! – a big piece of the jigsaw puzzle you never even knew existed just fell into place and got you a whole lot closer to that goal.

Isn’t that exciting?!

I recently found out that I am not motivated by money – ah yep, it was a shocker, because I obsess about it like a banker, but no, it doesn’t set my heart racing or have me jump out of bed in the morning – so that’s why my goals to earn $$$ just were never reached or even got close.

However, now I know this I now set Mastery Goals.  I’ve set myself a new goal about how many women’s lives I want to help change for the better and OMG! It’s like a switch has been flung on and all the potential ways that I, with the help of my manifesting partner (the Universe) could do this buzz around my brain daily and the feelings of how this made me feel was and is one of the most exciting things I have felt since I found out that we were going to Disney as a kid! 😀

So ladies you may not be motivated by a sales target or getting a qualification so you can have a certain career, but what if you switched it around to; by the end of the year you will make a deposit for a trip around the world and plot your favourite destinations on a map? Instead of looking at how much money you need to make, save or find,  visualise what that money can get you, what are your end goals for this money? A new house, a car, a new wardobe, that dream trip, who you want to help, get your independence?

Follow those feelings and set that feeling as your End Goal instead.<3

PS- Don’r Forget to Have Fun!

Much love & Happyness

Bernie Browne xxx

PPS– Would you like help in setting some goals for your life, do you feel stuck or stagnant in your life right now? Click Here and fill in the form for a free 20 minute exploration chat with me.


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