How Exploring Your Self-Doubt Can Awaken Your Spiritual Growth


So I wanted to share this with you ladies because a few things have come up for me in the past few days that I think may resonate with you and maybe even help you.

Birthdays are a funny thing, we love celebrating them and getting spoilt but often what also happens is as we acknowledge that we are another year older, some of our old stories surface too.

I had a number of these old stories or beliefs pop up, which for me made my celebrations turn a little chaotic. I also want to mention that one of these is about worthiness. Am I good enough is a story that often shows up in my head as I am working towards a big goal and it’s usually the loudest voice, the one that repeatedly asks me Who do you think you are to do or try…. whatever it is I am working towards.

What do you know (that is of importance or should be shared, or that people will care about) is another statement that throws me off balance and have me question myself.

These are voices from our past, someone has probably said this to you and me at a pivotal part of our lives or we have made a situation mean something about us and it got stuck in there. When doubt creeps in it opens the doors so that we question our motives, our knowledge, our experiences, our tenacity, our commitment to change something about ourselves (usually for the better).

Notice these voices of judgement never pop up when we are looking down the road that really isn’t going any place, it’s only when we look down the road to growth & change that they come out to taunt us.

Comparison and jealousy are two other stories that like to come out and play in our heads when we are feeling lack & doubt in our lives. Lack of confidence, lack of commitment, lack of love, doubts of Can I Actually Do This?

Usually it’s when I am feeling like Why don’t I deserve some of whatever that person has, {be it success, money, a better life} that comparison kicks in making us feel devalued and little, not good enough. We all feel it, we all can get pulled down by the undertow of these thoughts and feelings. It’s normal.

But know this and sometimes this is a hard thing to do; Be Aware of these judgements, be aware of this voice of criticism and know that it isn’t you.

Know that is coming from a past you, like an echo that just hasn’t faded yet.

Look at whatever judgement is coming up and really look at it, ask Why is it here now?  That is the hard part, looking at where this belief has come from and then ask, is it still true now?

Am I Worthy? – am I valued and have value to give? Of course, every single person on this planet has value to give to others just by their experiences and means something to someone else. Everything that you Are, Do and Have is Priceless.

Who do you think you are? – I know exactly who I am and who I am not right now and that is enough. I am not the same person I was 5 days, 5 months or 5 years ago. I am a Newer, Brighter version of myself right now because I am always growing and learning every day.

Am I good enough? – This question is the hardest for me, it can cripple and demolish any self-confidence you have built up in a millisecond. But know this, it is looking at your commitment and your limits to growing and doing something new or different.  It is trying to stop you while you feel vulnerable because you don’t know how this {thing} will go. You have no experience to know either way

All I need to know at this moment is that I Am Good Enough Right Now.

Making a decision is the first step to change and grow and this is when that question will pop up. Maybe you haven’t always followed through, maybe you gave up a few times before, know that that’s OK.

Timing is everything and I’m guilty of that. I said I would do something and then didn’t. So what? That is in the past. Today you get to ask, Is this time different? Do I want this so bad now I will commit myself this time and see it through?

I know that feeling in your gut or behind your chest, you want something so bad but as soon as you think about it these feelings, physical feelings as well as these beliefs all rise up to try and swamp you and make you feel overwhelmed.

Our mind is a trickster, and it can trick our body into thinking this must be bad, these feelings, they don’t make me feel good. But that is just a part of us called our ego, a remnant of our past that helped us survive and dodge things that might eat us or stomp on us.

It thinks it still has a job, to keep us from harm, but it can overstep the mark and make us think that anticipation or mild stress and excitement is a sign of danger and will swamp us with the signals to move away from whatever this is and don’t go near it! Funny really.

An old part of our brain wants to stop us from opening up and stretching our minds, our understanding and our limits as a human being. That’s how we evolved though, we stopped seeing these voices and signals as a sign of imminent death and more as a warning sign. Instead, it should read -‘Be cautious but keep going’.

So, dear one, know that your past and your experiences have brought you right here to this exact moment. You have 2 choices, keep listening to the judgements, old stories and old beliefs and stay right where you are OR, acknowledge them, look into them, explore them and once you realise there is no danger here just new things to be learned, let them go and move forward in a new direction.

You will never stop exploring your inner self and learning new things about how you tick, how to get the most out of your life, so don’t let a few outdated echoes stop your new adventure and spiritual growth.

You deserve a Great Life, an Abundant life, an Exciting life, a Life full of Love & Joy!

Just don’t stop now xx

Let’s Explore it Together – Join me in my new 6 week program into self-exploration, self-care and self-love. Love Your Life, Live Your Passion

Much Love & Happyness to you

Bernie xxx




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