Don’t Follow Your Passion…Become It!

passion 1

Ladies I have a question for you; is Passion something you think is only reserved for one or two things you really Love in your life OR is Passion something that can be found in everything you do?

Let’s look at the first statement. If you believe that you should Follow or find one passion in your life, then you have chosen a hard road.

What if you believe this but haven’t actually ‘found’ your passion yet?

This belief can make us feel stressed, lead to endless procrastination (What if this isn’t the passion I’m meant to be following), a lack of action and even depression and despair because the pressure is on you to FIND IT & FOLLOW IT!

Other issues this belief can bring up is lack of control in your life & your happyness- especially if you think that you will finally be happy when you follow this one passion that you have love for (or maybe haven’t found it yet).

Another scenario, what if you have found your passion already, but you don’t want to build your life around it, like I did when I was a canine behaviourist. I didn’t find it fulfilling and it started to dim the love I had for dogs (which had been all encompassing most of my life) to feeling like a J.O.B.

Scenario 2, what if you know what your passion is but you don’t have the resources to follow it? That’s a bummer and it also removes the feeling of control we have in our lives and creates the ‘if only’ thoughts and more negative associations I’ve mentioned earlier.

It creates ‘What If I Don’t Get This Shot At My Happiness’!!

Can you see where I’m going here? It starts to develop the scenario of what if I’m backing the wrong horse! Is this right or is this not right for me? – Confusion on every level.

So what if I told you that there can be a different belief about Passion.

This passion is Inside of You – Not Outside.

You have complete control over this passion, once you know it’s there AND you can use this passion in EVERYTHING that You Do!


That means it is an unlimited resource, you can do or follow as many things as you want to do. Passion is a positive energy, a way of life and a way of being – not a thing.

It can be tapped into at any time and for anything because it is not only a state of mind, a belief, but it’s also at the heart of your Soul’s calling.

As we evolve as a human, from a child to adolescent into adulthood and beyond, the things we Love will also change and evolve too.

That is why following ‘A Passion’ can be limiting and disempowering because in 10 or 20  years time, after you have created your life around it, like I did, where do you go from there?

Becoming a Passionate Person is all about becoming aware of who you are, all the facets that make you up from the inside, out and embracing them all. Embodying all that is you and making no excuses, you take your passion Everywhere!

There is no mistaking a Passionate Person is there? They are passionate about what they say, what they do and passionate about what others think too. They are magnetic, energetic and you want to go where they are going, just to be in that energy.

That is what Passion is about.

Don’t Follow Your Passion, Become It!

much Love & Happyness

Bernie xxx

PS – If this resonates with you why not join me in my 6 week program Love Your Life, Live Your Passion and become the passionate person that’s waiting inside of you


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