Colour Co-ordinated – Is Your Intuition Dressing You?

colourful clothes

What does the colours in your wardrobe tell you about your personality?

Quite a lot actually, many therapies use colours to help balance us and heal us, Light Therapy, Colour Therapy and of course Crystals.

We are so intuitively connected with the world around us, but maybe not always concious of it, so the next time you choose from your closet or wardrobe have a good look at what colours you continue to choose.

Your subconcious is trying to give you a big hint!

Chakras and their Colours

We have 7 main energy or awareness centres within our body that many Eastern modalities believe are connected to organs and emotions in the same area of our body. So for instance the Heart Chakra is connected to our physical heart as well as to our thoughts and emotional connection to love and grief. (It goes quite in depth so do research further but we’re just skimming the surface in this article)


Each colour corresponds with a specific energy (vibration) or awareness centre in our body. If you always wear a certain colour often, especially because it makes you feel good, then you are embracing this feeling intuitively by wearing a colour that matches the vibration of how you feel.

For instance, my favourite colours to wear are Green, Blue and Purple. I tend to find I wear blues when I am teaching, doing videos or when I have to speak to someone and I’ll be out of my comfort zone. Often this is done without me realising until I’ve left the house, but more often than not now I try to choose what colours to wear both intuitively and logicaly, if I need some vibrational back-up!

So if you love greens, you are a heart person, you are compassionate, maybe wear your heart on your sleeve and you may even wear green when you are doing something you love or spending the day with a loved one (Pinks too).

Recently I found myself wearing yellow and then orange on consecutive days (I probably have 3 items this colour) and realised  I was feeling in amazing form, with lots of energy and feeling fantastic. I felt fab wearing them and got complimented a lot!

You may be more intuitive than you think, so go and have a look in your closet and see what your wardrobe says about you. You may even find as you grow, spiritually that the colour of your wardrobe changes 😉

Have fun with it and see how you feel when you are aware of how these colours can support you emotionally throughout your day ❤

much love & happyness

Bernie xxx

PS- Are you passionate about fashion? Do you ❤ crystals or maybe you love making people feel good about themselves! Is this a hobby or would you love to make it a bigger part of your life? If something feels like it’s missing right now maybe it’s because you should be following this passion. Love Your Life, Live Your Passion I’ll show you how you can start to create more Happyness, Joy & Confidence in the things you truly were sent here to do and love yourself to a great Life! We start June 15th!



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