5 Signs That You Are Ignoring Your Needs


We all do it from time to time, especially when we are taking care of others, like children or older parents. But if we ignore our own needs long-term, then our bodies and minds will start to pay the price of our own neglect.

Many of us end up becoming ill before we realise that we have actually been ignoring the small signs our bodies have been giving out. At that point, life as we know it has to stop because our mind, spirit or our physical body can no longer cope with being unattended.

Here are 5 signs You aren’t taking care of Yourself on a daily basis.

  1. If you are a People Pleaser – what happens with someone who is a people pleaser is that they throw themselves into other people’s problems and lives with the focus of ‘Helping’ their friend, collegue, family member, until they are exhausted. What often occurs is , if this is you, you don’t want someone thinking bad of you if they ask you a favour for example, you always say Yes and are actually afraid to say No. Therefore you go above and beyond the call of duty of many people, which some people take advantage of and you can end up feeling mentally and physically exhausted or ill if you don’t at some point say Sorry, No I can’t when you know that you can’t or don’t want to and let them think what they want.
  2. If you are Always Busy – busy people actually think they don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done and if they stop, then something will get missed or not completed. There is an inner control freak at work here, telling them that A, B, C & Z won’t get done if they stop for a coffee or make an appointment for the doctor or dentist. Even when they do stop for a short period, they don’t enjoy the break but are mentally working out how to now catch up with what else they had to do. Mentally, this is a very stressful way to live your life, especially if you aren’t taking advantage of your downtime and can lead to a mental meltdown, anxiety and depression go hand in hand with the Busy Personality. Time for some Me Time and look after your health.
  3. You’ve been in a Time-warp – this sign is linked closely with number 1 or 2 type people but happens to many of us for numerous reasons because at this point You realise it’s been 5 days or longer since you A) shaved your legs B) last did the washing up C) been wearing the same thing D) looked in a mirror!  Snap out of it darling and stop neglecting yourself. You are the most important person in your world right now and she needs taken care of!
  4. If you feel Lonely – this especially happens when your friends or family go away on holiday and it feels like the world has emptied of people! You may walk (or drive) around listlessly looking for something to do or someone to talk to. You may even just go into a shop or cafe just so you can talk to a person. This is a sign you are not connected to your inner self or don’t enjoy your own company. Why is that? Time to start getting to know yourself on a deeper level lovely
  5. You would rather spend money on Other People – your relationship with your money is the same as any other relationship in your life. So if you are happy to spend your last few quid on your neice or friend but think to yourself when you see something for yourself ‘I wish I could afford it but I can’t‘ then you are looking at how you value yourself and what you think you are worth in the bigger scheme of life. Often feelings of guilt come with those little purchases we buy for ourselves because we believe that our money should be spent on IMPORTANT things. Am I right? Darling, you are worth more than you can imagine!

I have been through and lived all of these ways of not putting myself in a place of importance and do you know what happened? Of course you do because if I have just described you in one or more of these signs, then you are ignoring your needs and your happyness darling and that is just Not On!

It is time for some Self-care, Self-love and start feeling like the Queen, Princess or Goddess that you really are. You deserve Everything in life! To be Spoilt and Indulged and have everything that you want and more.

But it has to start with YOU. Others will treat you by how you treat yourself. You are showing everyone how you want to be treated by how you treat yourself. So if you are being overlooked, forgotten about or walked over, there is a very high chance that is exactly how you are treating yourself, either by your actions or how you feel about yourself.

So start saying Thank You when someone gives you a compliment and smile. When you have created some time for yourself and someone asks can you help out, say Maybe another time but I have a very important appointment I have to keep today, sorry. And smile.

Next time your friend calls you up and invites you for coffee, make a date of it and leave your phone in the car and just be in the moment with your friend, give them your full attention and they will give you theirs. Is there anything better than having a laugh or a heart to heart. Those times are precious, don’t bypass them with only half being present and the next time you want to take a break you will have a positive feeling rather than one of guilt for taking some time out for yourself.

No one can love you or understand you like YOU. Start there and see how everything else changes around you

much Love & Happyness

Bernie xxxx


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