Have You Got Empty Tank Syndrome?

Yes that is what I call it, it is not a medical condition, but it is a very human condition. Empty Tank Syndrome or ETS (sorry I had to do it) is something most of us are living with every day.

What are the symptoms of ETS you ask? Well there are quite a number of them but I will list the one’s that are more prominant than the subtle ones.

  • Feeling frazzled, exhausted or zombie-like at the end of a day
  • Putting off things for yourself, like a haircut, a manicure or a holiday
  • Neglecting your body, unkempt hair, facial hair, body hair, dry skin, blotchy complection, bad breath
  • Your close relationships are taut, uncommunicative or explosive
  • Feeling uninspired, unmotivated and uninterested in your own life

These are some of what I call the ‘danger-zone’ symptoms because your life is giving you signs and setting off alarm bells, are you listening? If you were a car the engine light and fuel light would both be flashing (probably for the past few weeks) on your dashboard and maybe there would be some smoke coming out of your ezhaust too.

Would you ignore that problem with your main form of transport? Probably not, you know that if you didn’t it would end up costing you a lot of money, right?

Well why do you think that these symptoms are any different to those of your flashing dashboard? These are the signals that your soul, your spirit, your inner fuel tank is running on empty and you are going to grind to a halt very shortly. And I’m not being metaphorical here! I mean in some form your body, mind or spirit is at it’s breaking point and needs a recharge and the tank needs re-filled.

What’s Your Fuel?

I’m not talking physical fuel, we are talking soul nourishing, spirit raising fuel, the fuel of happiness, joy, laughter, self-love and self-care. The feeling of bliss like when you slip into a warm bubble bath of sweet smelling oils or the view of the world from the top of a hill on a sunny, cloudless day. You smile from the inside – out.

Do not underestimate the power of these things and what they do for your whole Body, Mind and Spirit. You cannot have just 2 of these things working, all 3 need to be in tip-top shape for you to be the person you want to be in this world. And the person you want to be for other people.

You cannot give what you do not have, if you don’t have laughter in your life can you continually make people laugh and still feel good afterwards? If you don’t know how to make yourself happy, can you make others happy but still keep your happiness aswell?

If you are feeling tired, exhausted or zombie-like, chances are you are giving away your energy and your spiritual fuel because you are not partaking in an energy exchange, you are just giving your energy away. Why? Many of us think we don’t deserve to be happy, joyful or blissful.

Many of us think that to take care of our own well-being above others is selfish, egotistical or being full of ourselves. Did you get that phrase ‘Being Full of Yourself’. Why has that got such negative connotations when it is what you need to be a fully functioning human being?

I’m not talking about you walking around, boasting about what you have, in disregard to the feelings of those around you who don’t have, no! I’m talking about that inner feeling of being fulfilled, content with what you have and overflowing with love for both yourself and those around you.

As a bit of a shy and sometimes isolated person in the past, I never thought it possible to feel like that, but it is possible, it is within your realm of doing and being that person, that’s why you are reading this. This is your sign, again, in case you missed all the others I just talked about above.

Take Care of Yourself, Fill Yourself Up with Joy & Happiness & Love, it’s time you re-fuel because beautiful one, your tank is running on empty!

Much Love & Happiness

Bernie xxxxx

PS. this subject is very close to my heart, if you feel you are running on empty, why not join me in our >> Be Brave & Blissful Project << and get 14 days of videos, tips and support to refuel your tank and start living a more fulfilling life!

empty tank



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