Where Does Your Happyness Come From?

Happy Tuesday my friends, today I decided to take a walk in the woods and reconnect with nature. This is part of my happyness routine and I thought I’d record a video for you (in the rain) and share more of why I would do such a thing!

Waiting around for someone else to make you happy, it isn’t going to happen on a long-term basis. Maybe for short periods when all seems like heaven and then boom!

Choose your own happyness, your own peace, your own connection. It’s a button you can press inside your head to access it when ever you want or whenever you need to.

Make your own happyness from moment to moment and eventually there will be more and more of them until there is very little in between. A life of blissful moments! (because they come from within you)

Much Love & Happyness

Bernie xxx

PS. My new program has been launched and I can’t wait to share it! Be Brave & Blissful Project is a stepping stone to changing and creating a better life for yourself, ladies, with more Joy, Happiness and Bliss! Check it out HERE!


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