Can You See the Wood for the Trees?

My granny used to use this saying a lot when I was a kid, I loved the idea of it, who couldn’t see the wood, it was full of the trees! I used to ponder, not knowing any better. Every now and again it would pop up in adulthood and again would get me to pondering it’s meaning. Hey, I love trees, why not go deeper into this wood?

My granny was a wise woman and came from a farming background so it always seemed quite natural for her to use such proverbs without sounding like it was a lecture or bad thing. So what does this –short popular saying, usually of unknown and ancient origin, that expresses effectively some commonplace truth or useful thought mean?

Well it means, that if you get caught up in all the finer details you won’t see the magnifecence of the bigger picture. It’s about where do you put your focus on a daily basis. Are you too busy complaining your coffee is cold or that the bus is late to see what an amazing world we live in or a beautiful life that you have?

Many of us like to get into the nitty gritty details, but what that does is makes us near-sighted, focused on perfection and what needs fixed or is unfixable. We can get frustrated and caught up with how things ‘should be’ rather than accept how things are.

So how does looking at the bigger picture change your perspective? Let’s see, let’s take this to it’s most literal sense. Find a photo on your phone or computer and zoom in by 100%, what do you get? Individual pixels and a small bit of colour, can you even tell what it is meant to be? OK, now start zooming back out slowly. Slower. Just watch as you slowly zoom out how your eyes start picking up all the colour, the detail, the light, the shadows, faces, smiles, sky.

You see the details but in the context of the whole photo. Maybe it’s a photo of your dog, your kids, your parents, a holiday snap, whatever it is, it probably holds meaning and feelings for you because you wouldn’t be looking at it otherwise. That is what this means.

Stop and expand your vision for a moment. Can you see what your bigger picture is? Can you see what part you play in other people’s lives? Do you know how special your life is if you just stopped and looked at it for a while?

Life is all about balance and perspective. I love trees, flowers and nature but I also love walking in the woods, or by the ocean, we get a sense of who we are in the bigger scheme of things and it lets us realise, sometimes we have to let some of the finer details go so we can enjoy life a little more fully.

Much Love & Happiness

Bernie xxxx

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