5 Signs You Are Giving Your Power Away

What is this power you speak of Bernie, you may be asking right now and that is a very important question to ask. Because what I am talking about is the power that you own when you beleive in yourself, that power enables you to dare to be different, make choices that are right for you and not someone else.

Standing in our power isn’t easy, it is easy to be persuaded to give it to others if we are not confident in ourselves and what we want from our lives. It is easy to hand over our power to others we think know better than us, leaving us feeling timid and intimidated.

What happens when you stand in this power that is YOU?

You make good choices that make you feel good and empowers you towards your goals.

You trust your own brilliance and intuition to guide you.

You no longer feel like you aren’t good enough, smart enough or deserving enough.

This is about personal integrity and a right to be happy, truly happy, not just a little bit here and a little bit there. When we give our power away we are telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough, that someone else knows better what we want than we do. We are selling ourselves short because we don’t think our voice or opinion matters to anyone else.

How do you feel once this happens? Probably like crap. Yes this is the biggerst sign that you are giving your power over to someone else because you now feel like something that should be scraped off the bottom of your shoe.

Here are 5 ways you might give your power away on a daily basis

  1. You don’t speak up for yourself; OK let’s say you decide you want to do something, say on holiday and you are going with friends. There are lots to do and see, you have a week, but when it comes down to making the itenerary for everyone you don’t speak up and what you want to do doesn’t get to happen. You spend the holiday feeling annoyed, frustrated and maybe even jealous of what everyone else got to do. Not making you feel good, right?
  2. You know what is right for you and what is wrong, but you give in to other’s opinions anyway; This probably happens more than once a day if you are not standing in your power. Someone will ask you to do something that you don’t believe feels right to you or is in your best interest. Yet you over-ride that feeling in your gut because you don’t want to make a fuss or be seen as different. Your light dims a little every time this happens.
  3. You don’t like to disappoint people; yes this is a part of life and people get disappointed every day. You know if you are giving your power away when you can’t say no to anyone who is asking things of you and you are feeling like no-one does this for you. This is a big sign so pay heed.
  4. You don’t allow yourself things; this could be some time off, a cup of coffee, new make up or a hair cut. Maybe an hour to read or go for a walk.  We aren’t talking about luxuries here, what I am talking about is giving yourself some small privelages that make you feel good, from the inside. If we live in lack then we are not aligned with our soul’s purpose and our power.Taking care of ourselves and our desires means you can tune into the wants and needs of others.
  5. You believe what others say about you to be true; Let me just say on the record this is the biggest way to give your power away, because what you are telling yourself is that you believe other’s know you better than yourself, especially if you are effected by what other people say about you. As children we grow up believing that we need to be good, quiet, well mannered, do what we are told to get love, affection or attention from others. This belief will rule us most of our adult lives if we don’t start to build new belief’s around that You matter, Your opinion counts, that You have good ideas, that You are worthy of success and a happy life.

To stand in your power you have to be vulnerable, have a strong belief in yourself and trust yourself enough to follow your heart. Debbie Ford says it best, she says living in our Power requires us to accept ourselves for who we are, both our strengths and weaknesses, our brilliance and our flaws, no matter what anyone else may think about us. Any time we are living outside of our personal integrity, we put up barriers that prevent us from translating our dreams into reality.”

Our power connects us to our authentic selves, our gifts and what purpose we were born here for. Without it, we will lead mundane, uneventful and normal lives. Which one sounds like the life you want to lead?

Much Love & Happyness

Bernie xxxx

PS. If you would like some help and guidance on this subject drop me an email to findingyourhappyness@gmail.com and let’s talk ❤

power within


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