The Big C (let’s talk about Commitment)

I felt inspired to write this post today after reading one of those photo quotes that just made me go OMG that is so true!

If you read last week’s article you will know I have started doing my Miracle Morning routine and invited my friends on Facebook and my lovely followers here to join me. It has been an interesting first week.

I am very proud of everyone who took up the challenge because they showed a commitment to themselves which goes against the grain it seems. Most of us want to commit to things that bring us immediate rewards, it’s the way we live our lives now.

Many of us, including myself have had bad experiences when we over-commit which have left us with a bad taste in our mouth and the likelihood that we won’t do that again in a hurry. So we start measuring in our heads what reward or good feelings will come our way once we say “Yes, I will do that”.

Commitment = Pay off

So what happens when you can’t calculate the pay-off or reward? Maybe because you haven’t had this experience to know the answer or maybe you have been burned one too many times to even think of what you might get out of it anymore.

Some things I have learned over the past 18 months is that A) I don’t have all the answers, B) Even if I think I might know the outcome, sometimes I am surprised when it turns out better than expected and C) When I decide to commit to something 100%, with no doubt in my mind, I ALWAYS surprise myself as to how much easier it is than I thought it was going to be.

No word of a lie.

Our mind wants to always keep us in our safe place, our comfort zone. So when we commit ourselves to do something we haven’t tried before or we have tried and failed at, that little voice pipes up with all the worse-case-scenarios, all the doubts, all the what if’s, anything to talk you down off that ledge you are about to jump off into the unknown.

Yes, that’s right, your brain thinks you are about to commit suicide, socially speaking, but it doesn’t know the difference between a real ledge and a metaphorical one, because it can’t come up with a formula or answer as to what happens when you Succeed after commiting 100%!!

Like all muscles in our body we have to start using that brain for new ideas and new behaviours, it will resist, I can guarantee you it will. But once you take the next step you are creating new pathways that will now make it easier and easier to make those commitment choices. Why?

Because now your brain knows that commitment and changing your behaviour can lead to good things!

Commitment now = Great Pay-offs!

It’s not rocket science, it’s psychology and human biology. Once you realise that when you are feeling resistance it’s a pretty good sign you are paving a new path in a new direction.The fear starts to subside. Maybe trepidation and excitement now show up instead, better feelings mean quicker responses to making harder choices and hey presto!

You are now becoming a Trailblazer in your own Life! Don’t you just love it when the Universe is just waiting for you to say Yes and then amazing things start to happen? That’s been my experience so far and I highly recommend you give it a go yourself.

Start with something small or challenge yourself and just see how strong you really are, you may totally surprise yourself. Commit yourself to YOU.

Much Love & Happyness

Bernie xxx

PS. if you think you need some help with challenging yourself why not join our Morning Miracles group on Facebook or send me an email to and we can have a chat!



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