Are You Trusting Your Process or Second Guessing Yourself?

For all you ladies who are out there transforming your life and reading this right now, congratulations to you! You are working hard on yourself, your inner-life, changing your attitude and your beliefs, so I have a question for you, do you Trust your process?

What do I mean by that? Well as a recovering control-freak, second guessing myself was pretty much a full-time job. I would make a decision, then change my mind and maybe even change it again. This was because I didn’t trust my intuition, I didn’t trust my decisions and more to the point, changing my mind became a habit that used to drive me crazy! It also often had me then berating myself that I should’ve stuck with my initial decion.

That’s because I didn’t trust my process and I didn’t trust myself.

Beliefs are one of those things that you think are small until you go a little deeper and start peeling away the layers. Next thing you know you realise your life is being run  by a belief you created when you were 10 years old and it still holds to this day. How crazy is that?

So for instance one of those things I was told as a kid, like many kids are, was money doesn’t grow on trees. This was usually when I wanted to go horse riding or wanted a pony of my own. Therefore as a ten year old I created the belief that the things I really wanted were always out of reach, and couldn’t afford them.

As a grown up, this obviously doesn’t make sense, but that doesn’t mean that this belief still wasn’t running my life, unconsciously.

Healing Old Stories and Building Trust

The beauty of changing old beliefs or stories you have created is that it opens up a whole new realm in your life. I realised how much bigger the world was and how much potential I really had to help other people do the same. But living by these new beliefs and following a new path takes trust.

Trusting myself and trusting the Universe. Sounds easy, right?

Those old stories and beliefs take a while before they get smaller and eventually go away. It takes time to heal them and sometimes forgive them, maybe forgiving yourself too because you didn’t know any better at the time. And this is especially the time that I realised I should be trusting what needed to come up, looking at it, integrating it and releasing it. This is part of Your Process.

How about that intuition I was ignoring? Yup, that was another part that I had to work on with small. baby steps, until I realised my intuition would never put me in a place of harm or danger. However I couldn’t say that about when I second guessed myself, that was all ego driven. Ah yes, how our minds like to play those little tricks on us!

Changing your thoughts and beliefs is a journey into the depths of yourself. It may seem like the unknown to begin with, and can feel scary. But soon, if you go deep enough you begin to awaken the real you and you start to remember things about yourself that seemed like a dream.

Surrendering those beliefs and how I think life should be is probably the hardest part so far. This is REALLY were I have to trust my process. I had done the work, now it was time to let go and just see what happens. Trust the Universe.

To date so many suprising things happen when I do this. I’m not there yet, I have my moments but I’m still working on that darn control-freak! But when I do, I found myself with a whole new network of friends, traveling many times throughout the year and unexpected opportunities popping up miraculously!

So now it’s your turn my beautiful friend, do you fancy the idea of something amazing happening to you today or this week? Probably something you hadn’t even thought could be possible in your life?

Why not give it a go and see what happens. Play a little bigger, take a step outside your comfort zone and say yes to something without over-thinking it. Switch your expectations off for a little while and just see what unexpected delight shows up!

Trust Your Process and Your Intuition Ladies ❤

Much love & happyness

Bernie xxxx



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