A Lesson in Learning to Love Yourself

It’s probably one of the easiests things to say to someone you care about when you hear them disrespect themselves or put themselves down in your presence. ‘You need to learn to love yourself’ we say, in the hope this magically makes them see something new about themselves.

Unfortunately this is very rarely the case and by the time us ladies and even quite a few men reach our thirties and onwards, we seem to think we know who we are and that’s it. We stop thinking we’re awesome and start thinking more like loathsome!

In fact many of us get transfixed by the things we dislike about ourselves and try to hide it from other people, in case they find out we’re not perfect.

Well no more. I have to say as a young woman who grew up always being known as chubby or fat because I matured and grew breasts and hips before most of my peers, (I really think the boys feared them more than jeared them but that is with hindsight). I spent many, many years trying to get past how I looked and trying to please people with how I looked too.

I was very shy, had self image issues and very little belief in myself as a person. I was super- sensitive to what people said about me and my self esteem got lower and lower. I became a people pleaser – I hid myself in plain view as the funny tom-boy who didn’t care. But when I was home alone I wasn’t that person.

Many of you may know what I mean. You may have a similar story of your own or maybe you found solace from yourself in food, alcohol, drugs, sex, destructive relationships and so on. Luckily for me I found my solace in animals. A deep love and understanding that was reciprocal and heart felt.

I remember many a time were I cried sorely into a beloved one’s mane or into my dog’s furry neck as I sobbed how unfair life seemed to be at the time. And the one thing I learned from these relationships that no others seemed to give to me at the time was, We Love You For Who You Really Are.

Animals in many forms continued to be my non judgemental friends and allies growing up, it’s no wonder I chose a career working with horses when I left school. Then dogs in my adult years. And with that grew my confidence and self esteem, as new friends witnessed my way with animals and my knowledge and experience spoke for itself.

I have to give respect and credit to these beautiful souls who loved me as much as I loved them. They asked nothing of me but a kind hand or a gentle word and gave me their hearts in return.

I think the lesson for everyone of us is just that. Treat yourself kindly, speak gently to yourself and know your heart and soul will shine from the inside out. Your strength doesn’t come from what you wear or how neat your hair is. Your strength comes from knowing that you are who you are no matter what anyone else might say.

There is no one like you, no-one knows what you know, no-one cares the way you care and no-one feels the way you feel. Live your life as you and listen to others only if they use a kind word and a gentle hand. You Are Perfect As You Are

Wishing you so much Love & Happyness

Bernie xxx

PS – did you have an animal best friend that you would like to share a story about? Have animals shared a special place in your heart, drop me a comment below and share it with us, I’d love to hear about it.

my canine family
me with my boy Solo {left} and the girls, Bracken and Luna

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