Miracles Really Do Happen Everyday

It’s amazing how divine guidance, the Universe, God, however you like to see it, works in the most unexpected ways sometimes.

What seemed like a great excuse for a weekend away to learn something about myself and spend time with like-minded people turned into a lifeline that might have just changed the trajectory of my life and relationship.

I know it’s easy to spout about staying positive, being grateful, loving oneself and being true to who you really are, but when the going gets tough it is going to be these skills that will help you through those times the most.

I say this with many experiences in my belt, be it with what I do, my relationships with my partner and family and even when I struggle to just believe in myself, which happens quite regularly. I’ll put my hand up and say yes, that’s me alright.

We don’t get to be who we are by having an easy life, we get to be who we are by our experiences and how me overcame them. Whether we did it right or wrong doesn’t matter at the time, when we pull ourselves out of whatever we found tough, be it our health, a loss, our job, a relationship, our family ties, what ever it was. Then we have time to look back and learn if we could have done it better or not.

That isn’t an excuse to beat yourself up, to feel guilt ridden or to constantly criticise yourself. To get out of any bad experience as unscathed as possible is always a time to celebrate and be grateful. Knowing how I could have done it better has always been my aim since I started to embrace my life more fully.

The spiritual weekend retreat I went on, unknowingly to me at the time, uplevelled my awareness and helped me understand many aspects of myself I was fighting against. Like judging some people, judging myself and even just creating more respect for others by surrendering these beliefs and just being open to learning more about the people who had all come for their own personal reasons from all walks of life.

Being open to growing and changing as a person is not something that just happens. We have to want it, we have to commit to it and most of all we have to want to change. For me, many of those times was because I couldn’t see any other option. I was out of ideas.

At times like these the Universe is just waiting for you to surrender and stop resisting so it can rush in and show you how that change can come about. That is the hard part, letting everything you think you know go, so that you can be open to another, better way of doing, thinking or being.

Without this experience, of investing some time and effort and love into myself, I don’t think I would have been able to deal with the situation that awaited me when I left at the end of the weekend. But because I did, I was rewarded for my efforts.

The Universe had created a space for me so that I could find a new way to both see myself and others before placing me into a situation with something that could have gone badly wrong without what I had just learned about myself.

Such a beautiful miracle.

A new level of understanding yourself equals a new level of understanding others. That’s all we can ask for if we hope to live a life of Joy, Peace and Happyness with those around us. Love is always the answer ❤

Lots of Love & Happyness to you

Bernie xxx

P.S – if this resonates with you or you are struggling in your life and need some help, I would love to hear from you. Comment below, or if you feel it is too personal to share publicly email me at findingyourhappyness@gmail.com I would love to hear from you.



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