Does Life Have to be Complicated?

I don’t know the first time I thought I lived in a magical world, it was maybe all those fantasy books I read as a kid. As a kid you take your world for granted, you don’t have much control over your life, so you learn to take it as it comes, especially the good stuff.

As you get a few years older your mantra starts to become ‘When I’m a grown up I will …..’ because you want to start having more control and a say in your own life. Which does happen eventually whether you wish for it or not.

But can we go overboard when it comes to being the Captain of our own destiny?

As a teenager I was quiet, kept to myself and a few good friends and spent most of my spare time with animals, which is where I found joy, fun and a place to get away from the adults in my life.

Once I turned 17 all hell broke loose, as my parents will attest, when they said I spent too much time at home and I should go out with my friends and have fun, that was a big mistake!

Each time I was caught trying to sneek in the door at 2 or 3am I always vowed I couldn’t wait to get away from home and have my own life.

Now with a few decades under my belt I look back on those days and think what was the rush? I had no responsibilities, no money worries, a roof over my head and a great family that cared about my well being. Life was simple.

It’s when you leave home that it gets complicated, but does it have to be?

I’m all for simplifying my life right now. I think you get to a certain age where your internal BS meter comes alive and says enough of this shit, life is too short!

So while trying to give up the control, worry and stress, yes this is a big step in simplifying my life, I’ve reconnected with a little piece of me that must have gone into hibernation ‘when I became a grown up’.

That part I call magic, where amazing things happen in your day to day life. Some people call them synchronicities, like your friend pops into your head and just as you wonder how they are doing they call you up on the phone.

I love finding parking spaces I’ve visualised as I’m leaving home or having a ‘chance’ meeting with someone I went to school with and was only recently thinking about them. This doesn’t make me psychic or anything special. It’s part of letting go of how you think your life should be and just going with the flow.

I follow my intuition more and I also ask the Universe for a sign if I’m in a quandry about some decision I have to make and my ego gets too loud. Inevitably, my intuition steers me right and my signs always appear because I believe I am not in this alone.

Life, the Universe, The Divine, God, whatever or whoever you call it and if not these just call it magic. Having a belief that the world holds more knowledge than you will ever be able to imagine or fathom but, that you can access this at any time if you just ask, makes me feel like a kid again.

Not a kid where I have no control but a kid that has the keys to Neverland or Narnia! Start to believe in miracles and they will start to appear daily. Let go of the idea that you know everything and instead of being that Captain of a ship that has an unknown destination, why not choose to be a VIP passenger on a mystery cruise instead.

Not being the one to worry about weather, pirates or where on the map are we exactly? To finding new friends, nothing in short supply and the entertainment is quite good here isn’t it?

I dare you to play a game this week, a fun game of course. This week instead of planning your whole day out, minute by minute, you are going to start your day with an affirmation. A few deep breaths to quieten your mind and say ‘ I am moving into a place of ease and effortlessness, allowing things to happen as they wish to happen, I am open to miracles today’ and see how your day pans out 😉

I’m not saying just wait and see what happens but bring more awareness to your day and if you feel a pull in a certain direction, follow it. Someone may start a conversation with you in a queue for coffee and instead of being curt, involve yourself, who knows what might happen, who you might meet. The main thing is be more open to what could be an amazing day, it could change your life!

much love and Happyness

Bernie xx



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