How to Make Good Choices in Your Life

Hello beautiful ladies, today I want to talk about how to make good personal choices in your life. This is something that I have been looking at recently after being asked by a friend what I do if I have a tough choice to make and am pulled either way.

Well my friends, it wasn’t that long ago I was making choices that were constantly having me feel like a hamster on a wheel. I’d feel like I’d made a good decision, moved my feet and soon afterwards feel like I had ended up right back where I started.

That is not a good feeling and what it does then is make you lose confidence in yourself and your decision making capabilities.

If you are like me, you maybe want a better life for yourself and feel you have a bigger part to play in the world,  working out how to get there is a huge part of building your self confidence and trusting your intuition.

Engaging Your Intuition – Start Small

I know this sounds simple but this is going to start boosting your trust in your intuition, those gut feelings you get. These can be easily ignored and over-ridden by our logical mind. So here is an exercise you can do every day, as often as you can throughout the day is better, because you will see things start to snowball the more you do it.

Stop and ask your inner intuition whenever you have a small decision to make, like choosing what to wear to work, what colour earings today, which cereal to buy or what route to take to the shop. These are all everyday decisions that you have no attachment to.

This means that your head hasn’t already made the decison for you because these things aren’t going to change your life in any big or meaningful way. Which means your head stays out of it and you can let that little voice or feeling come closer to the surface and be able to hear it or notice where you feel it.

My intuition pops words or phrases into my head and if I want to follow my intuition I usually will feel it in my Solar Plexus, just below my diaphragm. I know whether it feels good or not so good.

We aren’t talking about our emotions here. If we were lead by our emotions, which can fluctuate from happy to annoyed to angry and back to happy all in a morning, then we would be in a pretty confused state in no time.

While you spend some time tuning into your intuition there is another way to make good decisions.

The Empowerment Question

For those decisions that you regularly go into automatically and then realise this wasn’t a good choice and you are back to square one again or sometimes worse. So lifestyle decisions are especially good, like should I have desert when you know your goal is to get into your party dress in a couple of weeks.

Or should I buy that handbag when your goal is that you have been saving up to go away on a spa weekend with your girlfriends. Here is what you need to ask yourself;

Does this decision Empower me and get me closer to my goal or Disempower me?

My choices today were sit down and write this article or go into town and do some shopping. As my goal is to help and empower women in the world, guess which choice won out?

Remembering to ask yourself this question might seem like the hard part, but once you do start changing how you make choices, you might find that maybe you have other underlying reasons why you want desert, that handbag or to go shopping.

We avoid our deeper issues whenever we can. Why? Because it’s easier than finding we may be about self gratification, getting instant rewards and even have self love issues. Making an empowering decison may not always even feel comfortable to begin with either- know that it is just because you haven’t been here before 🙂

These things are what are sabotaging your decision making credentials and they need to be looked at and brought out into the light before you can make empowering choices for yourself.

If you are constantly looking at the same problem, time and time again, then it’s time to get underneath your choices and decisions and find out what gifts are hidden there. From there you can move into empowering yourself and changing your life.

much love & happyness

Bernie xxx

PS. If you are struggling with constantly finding yourself back at square one then pop an email to me at and let’s start a conversation and get you on the right track ❤



2 thoughts on “How to Make Good Choices in Your Life

  1. Hey Bernie ! Can I thank you on your decision to stay in an write the article it’s perfect just what I needed to read today. An aha moment 😃


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