How to be Kinder to Yourself

Hey lovely ladies, it’s been a week since I posted anything as I came down with a cold. Rather than bulldoze my way on through it like  I normally do, I gave myself a few days of just taking care of myself with warm honey and lemon drinks, home-made soup and lots of rest. I was back on my feet and feeling fighting fit in no time.

This made me think though about how I used to take care of myself, or not, as the case may be. Being kind to yourself isn’t just about when you are feeling poorly. It should be a top priority if you want to start feeling more Happyness in your life.

Here’s a few questions just to see how kind you are to yourself:

  • You have been working hard all week and you look forward to your friday evening, a glass of wine and your favourite book or tv show and a family member or friend asks you to watch their kids, do you A. Say yes immediately  B. Make an excuse that you are busy or C. Explain that you are exhausted and really need time for yourself?
  • You are flipping through a magazine and see a beautiful dress that is just stunning, do you A. Turn the page because you can’t afford it  B. Think it’s beautiful but tell yourself it probably wont look beautiful on you or C. Check out what shop has it in stock so you can go and try it on, then you can decide?
  • Last one, a friend comments that you are looking great today, do you A. Say ‘what this old thing’ and laugh embarassed B. Say ‘Thanks’ and then change the subject or C. Say ‘Thank you so much’ and you feel even better than you did before?

How we talk to ourselves, in our heads, is so important to our mental health and our happyness. If you wouldn’t think or say those things to someone else then why are we so judgemental of ourselves?

The more and more we tell ourselves negative things, the more we start believing that they are true And that others must be thinking these things about us too.

We are slowly strangling the breath out of our self esteem and self-worth due to negative self chatter and it has to stop!

There is No One in the world like you, who thinks like you, has had your experiences in life like you. There is no other person that sees the world the way you do right at this very moment and that is special. You are special and beautiful.

I want you to go to the mirror right now, look into your own eyes, smile and say out loud ‘I am Special and Beautiful’.

Yes, it might seem weird at first. Why do you think that is?

Try doing this every morning for a week, it can be hard sometimes, our first thoughts are to think, look at my hair, where did that wrinkle come from, I only have 5 minutes before I have to go!

For many women this is the first time they have said something nice to themselves in months!

So be kind to yourself, don’t criticise yourself for being selfish or taking care of yourself. You show others how to treat you by how you treat yourself. If you don’t give yourself a second thought, neither will others.

If you constantly criticise or judge yourself, so will others.

However if you have respect for yourself and take time for yourself, doing the things you love, others will respect you and your time, because they know how precious it is to you.

Be kind and love yourself first, that is the first step towards being happy every day.

Much love & happyness xx


PS. One of my greatest joys that sets my soul on fire is playing and working with my crystals, if you have a love for these beautiful, sparkly magical stones then why not take some time for yourself and join me at Crystal Bliss School!

I love you note


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