How I Changed Worry & Doubt Into Self Belief in 2 Days

It doesn’t feel nice when you are down in the dumps or you are constantly fretting and worrying about money or family or job, whatever it is that seems to be always at the front of your mind and in every other thought.

That was where I was at for the past 3 weeks, it happens to us all. We are in a great place and then something or someone takes you down. You shift from happiness and joy into self doubt, you question everything you do and you see the world as maybe not as friendly as you may have only seen it the day before.

I get it. That’s why I did this video for you:

So time to turn it around. The only one who can is YOU.

Journal or make a list and fill the page with everything you are thankful for. It can sometimes be hard to start when you are in this mindset so go for the obvious things like your family and friends, those closest to you, those who care about you.

The more you write down, the easier it starts to get, fill 2 or 3 pages and start doing this Daily.

Next start saying Thank You or I Love ….. (whatever it is you see) that scarf, ooh those boots, maybe you see a woman in a fantastic outfit, I love that! The more you put love out into the world, even if those things are not yours right now, the more love will be poured into your life in a very short while.

The more you say it, the more you will start FEELING it and that is when the miracles start to happen. A miracle is just a shift in perception, from fear to love 🙂

Just 4 days after shifting my mindset I was feeling joyous again and my partner and I decided to book a short getaway to Portugal. I popped over to my parents house to book it with their credit card and my Dad told me he would put a certain amount of money towards the trip!

Our trip away now is near enought free, a gift from my parents and I know from the Universe. I am so Grateful! Thank You!

You will always be rewarded for being Grateful and sending Love into the World.

much Love & Happyness

Bernie xxx

PS. If you have made a shift in your mindset or need a bit of help doing so comment below, I would love to hear from you.



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