Are You Flowing with Life or Is It Flowing Around You Today?

Life is full of ebbs and flows. But what does that really mean?

Well when you are in flow, things feel easy, from traffic lights turning green as you reach them to parking spots just where you want them. On the bigger scale, your job or business just seems to be drawing in customers or clients by the boat load, your relationships are amazing and life feels good, full of abundance. You feel good.

The world is a great place to live in.

When you are in an ebb, life doesn’t feel quite so great. Things feel disjointed. Maybe you are feeling frustrated or annoyed more often. Maybe you are getting into arguments with people and there is a general feeling of lack and self doubt in your mind.

Maybe when you look around you, like I did the other day, that your environment is looking like how you feel. With dishes in the sink and laundry piling up. That’s when I know I am in an ebb, I neglect all but the basics of living, sometimes I don’t even feel like cooking, I’d rather drink coffee and eat comfort food. Ebb Alert!!

Knowing you are in an Ebb is good, but can feel frustrating. You want to immediately change things and get back into flow again. Easier said than done, especially of you fight it.

Most people do 1 or 2 things when they are in ebb. We either fall into that state head first and our pity party begins. We start to think of all the shit that happened to us, what other people think of us and worse, start judging people harshly just because it makes us feel a wee tiny bit better. It spirals out of control from there if we aren’t careful and a few hours or a day can turn into weeks.

The second thing we often do is resist it. This is part of being aware of where you are at right now, which is a good thing. But just like a twig flowing down a stream, if you resist the ebb, it’s like the twig becoming stuck between 2 stones, causing the stream to divert around it but beat up against it as it finds a new path around you.

This can feel like the world is about to swallow you up and spit you out as all your self-limiting beliefs and old stories come to the surface making you question yourself. Did I make the right decision? All the What if’s, am I doing the right thing? What will people say?

Your energy feels lost, stalled out and you are willing it to restart and try to get it moving again, but you feel in limbo right now.

My best advice from my experience is let it come, watch what comes up for you and let it go. Try not to interact with those thoughts as they bubble or well up. Be aware, as you are that you are in an ebb and maybe ask why are these certain thoughts or feelings coming up now? Is there something you aren’t dealing with?

Just as you go with the flow, go with the ebb. Sometimes it’s a time to just unplug from the grid and just be. Take care of yourself, spend some time in thought, especially in nature if you can. Even if that just means walking through the park or sitting in the garden for fifteen minutes.

Everyone has them, you aren’t going crazy, although sometimes it can feel that way. If you are working on yourself and changing your thoughts and vibrations moving forward, I believe these ebbs are a way of our body and mind trying to integrate these new things.

I liken it to changing your diet. If you decide to eat more healthily and cut out the carbs and sugars, as you start the new diet all the old toxins have to leave your body. Your body no longer needs them, they are harmful and your body wants to purge them. Sometimes this doesn’t make us feel well as our body fluxes between our old way of eating and our new diet but once this has happened we feel great and full of life and energy.

Our mind and consciousness must do the same if we create more awareness in our lives, start thinking more positively and start being grateful about everything around us. The old, negative thoughts and feelings that have built up over our lifetime must be purged to make room for our full potential.

Just like the twig, we will flow and move forward, sometimes we find an eddy and we will sit still for a while and sometime we will block our own path. But as long as we know this is happening and that sooner or later the water will change and push us back into the path of flow again, makes these times less daunting and more something to experience or explore, rather than resist.

I feel like a twig that just went over a waterfall yesterday but now that I know where I am, all is calm and I am moving forward in the flow again.

Embrace your Ebbs for they too shall pass.

much Love & Happyness

Bernie xxx

flowing with life


One thought on “Are You Flowing with Life or Is It Flowing Around You Today?

  1. Wonderful post. Totally agree with your perspective and I love your saying: “Just as you go with the flow, go with the ebb.” 🙂 Greetings, Sam


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