Your Fears Are Very Rarely Real, I Promise

If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen I was in Stockholm in Sweden this week. I was visiting my man who works out there and it was his Birthday so he planned lots of fun for us both.

I knew he had planned to go Kayaking, some touristy stuff and generally relaxing and having fun. I didn’t think about it I was going with the flow.

That’s what I was telling myself, but let me explain a bit more in my video, it’s a very short one.

Look, our heads are full of Drama Queens who tell us the world will end if we ……… you fill in the blank.

Maybe it’s going out, speak up, dress like that, ask that person out, quit your job or rob that bank. OK, maybe the last one will change your world but you understand what I’m saying, right?

Our ego’s job is to keep us safe and in our comfort zone. Why would you want to leave this comfy place? it asks you.

Because, we can only grow, have new experiences or meet new people if we take a step outside that boundary you have set yourself. The Fear is only in our heads.

99.99% of the time that fear isn’t even REAL. We are programed for Freeze, Fight or Flight from a long long time ago in our human past when we hunted Sabre Toothed Tigers or our neighbours wanted to bash us over the head so they could steal your food, or your wife. Or Both!

The fact is we have mostly outgrown this old model of running away from the physical fears but that darned mind of ours wants to make sure the boogey man or tiger isn’t still hiding where we least expect it.

Are you sure you Really need to do this?‘ it constantly asks us, ‘You could be doing X, Y or Z instead’ It seductively offers all the things it thinks we would much rather do in a Get Out Clause option.

Like sitting on the sofa eating chocolate and wearing your favourite PJ’s!

Time to stop agreeing and stepping back. Now is the time to say ‘Actually brain I want to see just what I might find if I DO keep stepping forward and give this a try.’

Personally I’ve been recently finding the more and more I take that step out of my comfort zone and lean into my fear, I’ve been pleasantly surprised, amazed or just so damn happy that I did it.

And another thing, the more you keep pushing past that little voice, the easier and easier it gets. It just keeps sounding better and better doesn’t it?

Go for it today, you wont get eaten by a tiger. I promise ❤

Much Love & Happyness

Bernie xx

PS – I’d love to hear what fears you have been hearing and are afraid to nudge a little into it. Or have you just amazed yourself by doing something you never thought you’d ever do? I want to know, tell me all about it below in the comments section xx




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