Grounding Yourself When You Get Overloaded

This week was a funny one, we had constant rainy days and I was beginning to go a bit stir crazy in the house. I have been journaling quite a bit and working on wotkshops and courses so I have been in my head A Lot this week.

As soon as the rain stopped I was outta there and my intuition told me to find a beautiful spot and meditate in nature. How could I not!

While I was there I shot a video for you, watch until the end so you see what showed up while I was videoing in the middle of nowhere. (bear with the wind, I am on top of a mountain, he, he)

Grounding yourself and releasing stale and negative energy is a must if you want to keep your energy and your mood up. I was also inspired because I know not everyone gets a chance to go out into the wild all that regularly that I followed the stream I talked about in the video and shot a minute and a half for you.

Release Your Stale Energy Meditation

Play the video of this natural stream (make sure you don’t have to pee!) 🙂

  1. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths, as you are breathing in, imagine you are drawing in the pure, positive energy of the universe. As you breathe out, imagine all the stale and negative energy is pouring out through your feet and your breath and running down stream away from you.
  2. Open your eyes and play the video again, continue your slow, deliberate breaths as you focus on the waters journey,  watch your worries and blocks float down stream, leaving you free to fill your body with positive thoughts, love and energy.
  3.  Once you feel still and you are noticing details in or around the stream,start to give your hands and arms a shake, then your feet and legs and get that new energy moving around. Do this as often as you need to recharge.

Have a wonderful day my friend and let me know if this helped you in any way by posting your comment below.


Bernie xxx


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