From Going It Alone to Being Fully Supported – Miracles do Happen!

10 Months ago my life looked nothing like it does now. I still live in the same house, in the same town and I still do some of the same things as back then. But what has changed is my Inner World, my thinking and what I think I can now do in my life.

Recently I was talking to a lady who seems to be in the same place I was back then. From the outside, you look like you have it made. You have a business or are successful in your job. You go on holidays, have great friends and family, live in a nice house, but inside you feel alone.

For me, my mentality was ‘No-one is gonna hold my hand and show me what to do, if I’m gonna make it I have to make it on my own.’

The problem with that one thought alone is that I was right! I brought everything that I was living into my reality by thinking thoughts like that. If I was thinking ‘I am successful and happy with everything in my life’, I would’ve been right too.

I know that might sound a bit weird but , hear me out. I used to read quotes all day long on Facebook about all these law of attraction things, which I loved, but they didn’t make any sense to me.

Henry Ford was quoted as saying ‘Whether you think that you can or think that you cannot, you are right.’

I get that, but what had that got to do with me and my life right now? I knew what I would like out of my life and I also knew what I didn’t want, then what?

I felt like I was fighting this big bad world all on my own when things went wrong or I didn’t have enough money. My thoughts would spiral down into a state of negativity, blame, complaining and down right anger sometimes.

How the hell can anyone get a break when your world looks bleak, hard and uncaring?

So What Changed?

There was no overnight miracle here, although I’m sure if I had ‘got it’ a bit quicker it might have all changed a bit quicker. But as I have said before in my posts and what always pops up in my mind if an old story re-appears in my life is ‘What you resist, persists’.

I was reliving old stories and old beliefs, the same things kept happening, because I wasn’t learning the lesson hidden within it.

People changed my thinking. A specific couple of people to begin with, but they all appeared in my life around the same time. A friend on Facebook led me to Ryan my coach, who led me to Debbie Ford and her books, which led me to Deepak Chopra and his books.

From there my life just spiraled upwards and outwards like a blossoming flower to this point that I am still meeting new, amazing people, reading more books by amazing inspirational individuals and some of the people I now call my friends are inspiring me and supporting me on a daily basis.

Looking back now all these months later it looks like a miracle to me. But there was two things I had to do first before those things changed.

Firstly, I stopped fighting and I asked the Universe for help. I felt it right to the depths of my Soul that if I continued on this path my ego had me on I was going to end up in a very unhappy place.

That scared the hell out of me

Secondly, I had to change how I thought and what I focused on because it wasn’t serving me. It was sucking the life and the joy out of me. So again I threw my hands up and acknowledged I had no I idea what I was doing wrong but that someone would show me.

It wasn’t handed to me on a plate. I had to face my fears about was I good enough to change and have a better life. I had to face all my fears about failing, would it really be the end of the world or was I brave enough to try one more new thing.

I jumped. I physically felt sick, my head (or ego) was playing tricks on me and shouting all the worse case scenarios at me like my life depended on it.

But I jumped anyway because in the pit of my stomach my intuition just kept saying Do It!

That was my first lesson in listening to my intuition and it has been right ever since then. I reconnected with the real me and I am blessed with amazing friends, mentors and new untrodden paths to run along.

It is amazing and awe inspiring on sometimes a daily basis, but I am grateful for the day that I stopped listening to my head and started feeling with my heart. It can be hard sometimes, to see where you went wrong.

But don’t linger there, it holds nothing for you.

Focus on what you Love, people, things, places, from flowers to skyscrapers, love what you do, who you are, who you are with and what you want to be in this world and it will start showing up in your life. Trust me, I’ve tried it out and it works. And if you stop loving, it stops. You are in control.

Every day is a lesson, a gift and I now feel loved by the people surrounding me. The world and the Universe have my back, as long as I believe in myself and love what I am doing. Everything has changed and it looks so much nicer from here, I’m no longer alone!

My lessons? Never Give Up on Yourself, We Need Others to Help Us Heal and Change & Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on it!

Much love & Happyness

Bernie xxx

PS. I’d love to hear how things turned around for you, what lessons have you had to learn before you could move forward? Or maybe you are looking for that sign it’s time, why not connect with me on Facebook or send me a message.

The Universe has your back


2 thoughts on “From Going It Alone to Being Fully Supported – Miracles do Happen!

  1. Very inspirational post. The best teachers are those, like yourself, who have “been there” and “come out the other side”. Only by having experienced things first hand can a person later offer truly authentic and inspirational assistance to others. Greetings, Sam 🙂


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