How a Crystal Can Change You

My life recently seems to have been swept up on a wave of crystals, not a bad way to travel I must admit, all of it’s own accord. Or maybe not.

I am having more and more people ask me about crystals as I post my photos on Facebook and am now starting to do workshops. It makes my heart sing that these beautiful rocks and minerals, precious and semi- precious beauties are starting to be appreciated more again.

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan I would say I’m a groupie! šŸ™‚

Obsessed in a good way because crystals are all good. They are nature’s little helping hand, usually when we need it most, a crystal come into our lives. Some one will mention a certain crystal or a post will pop up in your news feed or on Instagram and your curiosity is pricked.

What is that beautiful stone?

Aura Quartz
Aura Quartz

Maybe it’s something eye catching and your inner voice says ‘I want one of those’. Possibly a friend might mention in conversation that they recently bought a crystal and how they feel better. You think ‘I need one of those’.

Crystals can come into our lives in many ways and they are there for a reason.

Let’s go back a few millenia, crystals, especially the semi – precious and precious have been used by healers, spiritual leaders and monarchy. for thousands of years. Not becaue they looked pretty but because of what they represented. It wasn’t just wealth that they stood for. Many gems like Diamonds, Rubies, Saphires and Turquoise for instance were brought into favour because of their properties of protection, knowledge, connection to the higher self and wisdom.

Those who wore these stones were using them to help them be better leaders and seekers of truth and knowledge. Unfortunately those following started seeing them more as status symbols rather than using them for what they are truly there to do. Help us.

So what crystal will you choose?

Many crystal lovers learn quite quickly that a crystal chooses you rather than you it. I know it sounds funny but we as humans are led by a very limited amount of senses so we rely on the likes of our sight or touch to help us make choices. But there is something else going on here.

When we touch crystals we are making a vibrational connection to them and subconsciously we are feeling if we have a connection or not with each stone we touch.

I used to pick stones that I was attracted to by colour and shape, maybe if it refracted light in a pretty way or that it just visually looked pleasing. Now days I’ve picked crystals I have no idea why, my intuition just told me too and shortly after circumstances come into play where that particular crystal can help me with it’s own properties and vibration.

I love that! Crystals connect to our higher self and calling and they are our cheerleaders and helpers.

When chosing a crystal, hold it in your hand, move it around and look inside if you can. Hold it up to the natural light and play with it. If you get past this stage and put it back down, maybe your aren’t ready for it yet or maybe you will try a few more and then come back to it. It happens like that all the time.

I recently bought a Lemurian Quartz Seed Crystal, I had 4 to choose from and they were all beautiful. I wanted it for a purpose though so I held each one, played with it, looked through it, looked at it’s structure and colours refracting in the sunlight. I did this to all 4 but went back to the first one and even though I was in the shop for some time I just couldn’t seem to put down this crystal. It just wanted to be in my hand.

That’s how I knew I had picked the right one. You might choose differently.

Since buying this baby along with a few higher vibrational crystals I have found my intuition is much stronger. I find myself more aware of the things that go on around me daily and how I feel emotionally.

Choosing the right crystal isn’t the goal here, it is finding a crystal that suits your needs and goals right now. My collection is around the 60 mark at the moment but I know that isn’t me done.

I’m in a love affair that will most probably last my lifetime.

I love these gorgeous stones and I’ve even started finding natural quartz pieces on my walks and taking them home. Life is a less lonely journey with a crystal or 3 by your side.

If you would like help with how to go about choosing, looking after and working with your crystals let me know, it seems that’s where I’m being guided to help right now and I’m loving it!

Much love & crystal light

Bernie xxx

Some of my crystals, the Amethyst bed, the rose quarts and the Calcite are over 10 yrs old, the rest are some of my new babies
Some of my crystals, the Amethyst bed, the rose quarts and the Calcite are over 10 yrs old, the rest are some of my new babies

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