Is Disconnection a Good Thing?

What is disconnecting? Well in terms of day to day life, it’s when we don’t want to do something or we are avoiding something that we don’t want to deal with right now, that we disconnect.

We disconnect from our feelings or our thoughts by just ‘checking out‘ – I find Facebook is where I like to go when I check out and don’t want to ‘do’ anything. I scroll the news feed watching all the cute animal videos, they always make me feel better.

For you it could be Instagram, Pinterest, playing video games, shopping, there are a million ways to check out of your life for a multitude of reasons. The big tip here is to be aware of it. Why are you checking out? What are you avoiding?

For me it was feelings of loneliness, boredom, having no direction, having to deal with a situation I didn’t really want to. As you can tell, I spent A Lot of time on Facebook!! 🙂

BUT, can disconnecting be a good thing?

Usually when it’s coming up to this time of year, the kids are off for the Summer, it always seems to be a good time to just get away from it all, doesn’t it?

When we go on holiday or weekends away, we like to leave the laptop and sometimes even the phone behind too. It’s a time to recharge & re-energise our souls, we connect with nature or soak in new cultures or just spend quality time with our loved ones.

Doing this feeds our spirit and imagination, Facebook doesn’t. So if you see yourself being pulled away from your path and your goals more and more often, maybe it’s time for a proper disconnection instead of just checking out of your life for half an hour.

We don’t listen to our bodies enough, our very nature and intuition knows what’s best for us, but we’ve learned to drown it out and switch it off. Maybe it’s the perfect time to re-connect with ourselves when we get away from our day to day lives, see what it wants to tell us.

If you are booking holidays soon, sit down and have a real good think about where you want to go and why. Will it feed your soul and make you fall in love with life again or will it just be a nice place to share photos of on Facebook or Instagram?

It doesn’t have to be for a whole week either, it could be just for the day or even an afternoon. Do something you love or would really love to do and never had the ‘time’. I love going for walks in forests and nature reserves, they are so peaceful and I love getting surprised by wildlife I might see.

Some photos I took recently when I went for a walk in a big nature reserve outside Stockholm, Sweden. A vacation for the soul.

Nature Reserve 1A beautiful nature reserve we visited outside Stockholm

Have a great vacation, I’m all for a bit of good disconnection!

Much Love & Happyness

Bernie xxx

PS. Have you had a spirit recharging holiday somewhere? I’d love to hear about it, just comment down below and share with us xx



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