It Can Get Better from Here- (honest….)

Did you know that if you do things consistently for just long enough, instead of feeling like you are running up a hill all the time, you will reach the summit and can start to slow down and enjoy the view?

Here’s what I mean

So incase I wasn’t clear in the video or you missed part because of my lovely Irish lilt here it is again 😉

If you give just 51% to positive thoughts and feelings every day, you have tipped the scales of your life.

Positive thoughts & feelings, good deeds and helping others all come back and bring more love with it!

Love is like a magnet and attracts even more good things into your life, on top of the good stuff you are already putting out there, it’s a win – win situation.

But it can go the other way. If your life is looking more toward the negative parts of your life then adding gratitude and feeling love for yourself and others is a good place to start, to start tipping the scales back in your favour.

Click here to read my post on gratitude to help you

Much love & Happyness

Bernie xxx

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