Let Your Cup Overflow & Have Things Come to You!

Not in the literal sense you understand, but have you ever had days where everything just flowed, just felt right and you just felt at peace and happy at the end of the day?

Do you want more of those kind of days? I know I do!

This is just a short Friday post that will hopefully see you having a beautifully flowing and awesome weekend.

Here’s my recipe for feeling your day rather than just going through the paces.

  1. Before you get up and just after you have woken up, imagine what kind of day you are going to have, let your imagination go wild, whether it’s meeting up with friends, spending time with the kids or just having some alone time. Have fun in your head.
  2. Feel the Love. This is an important one because just imagining things keeps them in your head, but by feeling the joy, excitement or happiness along with the wonderful story in your head you start to raise your vibration for the day and make it real.
  3. Stay conscious, this is harder than it sounds as we normally run on about 98% subconscious routines and habits. So start being aware of your thoughts and feeling throughout the day and keep positive.
  4. Give some love. It doesn’t have to be to people you know either, giving a stranger a compliment or smiling and saying hello can effect people positively and maybe even brighten up their whole day. How about paying it forward and paying for someone’s coffee in the line behind you?
  5. Just before you doze off at bedtime, look back on your day and pick out the highlights, all the feel good moments and those times you did something a little bit different. Acknowledging yourself every day is a great way of seeing more and more great things in your life and not focusing on the not so great parts.


Just this little recipe alone has started to shift my days into me bouncing out of bed (this has never happened to me!) and starting the day with a smile on my face. I even got gifted a pair of beautiful purple high heels out of no-where yesterday!

Happy girl!

Have a great weekend everyone and let me know how yours is going if you try this little pick me up recipe by commenting below.

Much Love & Happyness

Bernie xxx

My beautiful gifted shoes
My beautiful gifted shoes

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