Becoming a Manifesting Minerva

If you haven’t heard of Minerva before, you should Google her, she was a very talented Goddess of Wisdom.

If you aren’t sure what manifesting is then let me explain; manifesting to me, means creating something in your dreams or having a goal that you then create in your real life.

It may sound a bit magical and part of it is, the first part, which is using your imagination, after that it’s all physics!

The first time I heard about manifesting your life was when I listened to The Secret audiobook in my car. Rhonda Byrne mentioned her friend, I think it was Marci Shimoff, who just seemed to be able to manifest things into her life and I thought, ‘I want to be able to do that’.

So my learning began. I read many books and took courses, some things happened but it was very hit and miss and I just started to believe that it was all a load of horse manure.

Then at the beginning of the year I read a book called It Is Done – the final step to manifestation by Richard Dotts, everything changed.

The biggest takeaway I got from his book was that worry is your biggest road block. I’d been hearing about all these blocks that can stop you getting what you wanted but no-one was saying what they might actually be.

Well, now it all made sense! I was the biggest worrywart out there, especially when it came to money, I worried the hell right out of that subject that I’m surprised there was anything left to block!

Now I had a handle on how this manifesting malarkey might work and his other big tip as the title suggests is that you have to imagine or visualise the end result like it has already happened, it’s done. End of.

It all sounds very simple but as I’ve practised trying to stop worrying about money and trying not to worry about whether these things I’m visualising will ever happen, something else happened.

I was journaling about my trip to Italy last year and how it all happened and as I read it back it was like a lightning bolt, I had manifested this life changing trip to a perfect tee!

Here is how it went when I look back and I’ll highlight the parts you need to use to manifest what you want. It is as simple as booking a holiday.

When we talked about going to Italy we had no idea where to visit so we started looking for places to stay and daydreaming about the scenery, the warm sun and the beautiful peopleVisualising your dream or goal
A week or two later we decided we needed to book before the flights got too expensive – Decide on the End Result and Set a Date for it to happen by
I started putting money aside for the trip- Taking Action
We took Italian lessons because we wanted to throw ourselves into the Feel of it. We talked about it at every opportunity and how crap I was at speaking it but quite talented at reading the language. – Feel what it will be Like when you have what you want, Like you are there now
I didn’t worry about the hows and where’s, we just booked our transport and hotel rooms. We knew everything was organised and there was nothing else to do – Remove worry and take more action
Finally everything was booked there was nothing else to do but get excited! We had one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. – Keep feeling it and know It is Done.

This is probably the simplest way to show it, as nearly everyone has booked a holiday before, because you know there are certain steps you have to take to be able to go and do it.

Manifesting is the same, follow the steps, do what is needed and feel it like you have it already and just watch what happens.

I’ve created clothes, more travel, better relationships and more happiness in my life so far.

Remember the Universe need specifics or if your dream or goal is wishy- washy, so will your results.

Are you a Manifesting Minerva already? I’d love to hear what you have been bringing into your life, or if you need help, let me know.
Comment below

much Love & Happyness

Bernie xx

I want to live by the water so nothing like trying it out!
I want to live by the water so nothing like trying it out!

Manifesting 2


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