Crystal Crush- fun for beginners

Some of you may not know about my crystal obsession, so I’m going to come clean. I am a crystal addict! There I said it!

I love them. They bring out my inner child and inner magpie. They help me feel creative, intuitive and I just am so attracted to all those magnificent colours and irredescences.

Sometimes you need the world to feel magical and that’s what crystals do for me. Now for some fun!

There is a huge selection of crystals out there, find a nice shop that sells crystals and makes you feel welcome and happy when you walk in. My advice is to not buy crystals online. They are usually smaller and so disappointing when you finally receive your anticipated package, compared to their photos.

I’m going to say go and seek out what you are looking for and get hands on with them. Google local crystal shops in your area and have an adventure instead, it’s always worth it in my opinion.

The crystals I showed you were Clear Quartz, Honey Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Blue Lace Agate and Green and Blue Aventurine. But to be honest I have nearly 30 crystals I use, meditate with, do Reiki – Chakra healing with or carry with me daily.

Crystals are great for grounding you, helping you concentrate, help guide you to your goals or to help you be more open, that’s what I love about crystals, you can find one for any need you might have.

You can find crystal meanings, properties and healing properties in many crystal books or online, just google the crystal name. I surf crystal photos and shops like crystal porn – sorry mum! 🙂

If you would like some more advice or help with picking a crystal or anything else I have covered so far, feel free to email me at

Much love & Happyness

Bernie xx


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