Taking Time Out to Tune In

I was going to post you a completely different video today from the one that is here now, it was uploaded to You Tube with a great bit of difficulty last night and it was all ready to go.

But it didn’t feel right. Something inside of me wasn’t happy, I explain more in the video.

Just like exercising a new muscle, any new habits you start must be practised regularly before you get comfortable with it. But if you practise for just five minutes a day, the results you start to see are amazing.

I now listen more to my Intuition than I do to that little voice in my head. I know which one has my best interests at heart and I know which one always keeps me in good stead.

But it took this practise to re-tune myself to hear it

Taking that time to myself each morning, helps me re-adjust my thoughts, feelings or emotions and prepares me for a better day ahead. This small action alone has made a Huge difference in my life and I want it to help you do the same.

Much love & Happyness xx



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