Let Your Friends be Your Cheerleaders

When everything around me is going to hell, or I’m having a great day and want to share it with someone, I always call my best friend.

I’m very lucky, I went to school with my Bestie and we’ve been friends for around 25 years. I’ve moved away and worked away from home over the years but we always stayed in touch and when I came home we would pick right back up where we left off.

A good friend doesn’t criticise you, fight with you or say mean things to you, just to hurt you. A good friend will love you, warts and all, will tell you gently when you need guided and celebrate with you when you succeed in life.

Friends should feel like soul mates, they should be nurtured and encouraged to be themselves and they should do the same for you, it’s a completely different relationship to a marriage but in many ways it’s similar in that it provides stability and safety for you to be yourself and you don’t feel you have to wear the mask you wear out in the world everyday.

I am so, so lucky to have a friend who shares my sense of humour, music, books and movies, she is funny, supportive, firm, when she needs to be and I know she always has my back. She knows I’m there for her any time as well.

We’ve had some seriously fun times together, the only way girls can when there is no men around to roll their eyes or scoff. You forget what your real age is and you think you are teenagers again. That’s the real fun of a good friendship!

She’s also helped me through some of the hardest and toughest days in my life. When things happen to you and you feel overwhelmed, alone or treading water. That’s when those friendships really kick in. They are the people who hold our hand or our head, stopping us from drowning and keeping us afloat in life.

Without that relationship, it is hard to imagine what life would be like for me, when I have those bad days, when I need to talk to some one, when I have an idea I want to bounce off someone and I know I’ll get a straight answer. When I need cheering up or when she needs cheering up or supported, it makes me feel, useful, grateful, loved, needed and part of something bigger than me.

Celebrate your friendships, encourage the good ones, ditch the bad ones. A friend will support your endevours and cheer you on to the finish line. If you feel the same then you know you’re in it for life and boy are they fun!

This week, make an effort to celebrate your friends, get together, call them up if you haven’t spoken in a while, get dressed up and go out or just have a movie night and a glass of wine and toast your friendship.

Tell them how you make them feel, because there is nothing better than hearing someone say ‘Thank you for being my friend’.

Much love & Happyness

Bernie x

Besties on out trip to Italy
Besties on our trip to Italy



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