Have a ME Day!

I would say, in this past year of relative enlightenment, it took me about 6 months to realise I don’t have fun or do things I like on a regular basis. A bit shocking to say the least. So what had my life been taken up with all this time?

Daily stuff, like routines, housework. Business stuff, like finding work and making money. Relationship stuff, like trying to not start arguements and keeping the peace.

My head was so full of STUFF, that life was just whizzing on by on this little spinning rock of ours and I was forgetting to enjoy it! WTF? OK that had to stop… and now. I love fun, who doesn’t?

Then came the question, What would you do for a whole day to yourself? I drew a blank. OK what did I used to like to do for fun, this is getting serious! When you are used to being busy, being given direction or just going on automatic pilot, I think it takes a restart in the old brain to just register that information.

Me? Spend time on myself? Doing things that I want to do, not pleasing anyone else? Hmmm…..

So What Floats Your Boat, what would you spend an afternoon by yourself doing? Shopping? Let’s go a bit deeper. What did you used to love doing as a kid? Painting, dancing, playing a mucial instrument? Singing, picking flowers, hanging out with your bestie, playing football or even writing short stories?

Only you know. How about trying something you’ve always wanted to do instead? Like learning Ballroom or how to cook, flower arranging, sky-diving or going for a jog? The list is endless and inexhaustable if you actually let it sit and mull around in your head for a day or two. It actually starts to feel exciting and maybe a bit scary.

If you don’t celebrate yourself, why should anyone else? My coach keeps telling me, if you want to live a bigger, more vibrant life, it starts with how you treat yourself. Self- love is your base line for changing things around you.

Word of Warning: You Will try and make excuses as to why you shouldn’t do this. You have too much going on right now, the car needs fixed, the kids have a dentist appointment next week, why should you get spoiled and no-one else? Do not fall into the trap of listening to this little voice, be aware that it will try and stop you, because this is your ego, trying to keep you in your comfort zone.

That little voice is like a security blanket, it keeps you safe, or so you think. What is safe? Not trying anything new? I have a bit of an extreme inner voice that often visualises car crashes, things falling on me and other nasty scenarios. It’s amazing I actually leave the house on a daily basis! But if you feed this little monster by playing by it’s rules you will not find your Happyness. You probably will be staring at emptyness and normality.

Who needs that! Give that little inner voice a day off, say ‘Sod you, it’s my day off from you, woohoo!’ And go do something fun, that makes you smile from ear to ear and even properly laugh out loud. If not that, a smug grin will suffice.

What did I do on my first ‘Me Day’? I dressed up, felt great, did some minor shopping by buying a book and fondled crystals (you will hear more about this fettish soon enough). After that I booked afternoon tea in a lovely hotel where I swanned in like I owned the place and giggled to myself when no one was nearby and lastly I took myself off to an afternoon matinee at the cinema.

It was more than I ever expected, I laughed, sang loudly in the car, smiled for long periods of time and had an absolute ball to myself. No one to please, only myself and boy did I have fun!

There have been recurrent afternoon teas since. My new Me Days are aimed at finding the best High Teas in a 50 mile radius and sometimes dragging an unsuspecting best friend with me to add even more fun – Girlie Me Days! Sometimes just going for a drive or a walk feels right, but I do love lavishing myself with love and fun these days and I have no guilt or concience about it because it lights me up from the inside.

So, what do you think, are you up for a ME Day?

Let me know what you have planned.

Much Love

Bernie xx

First Me Day Afternoon Tea Best One Yet Afternoon Tea A Champagne Afternoon Tea


2 thoughts on “Have a ME Day!

  1. A ME day would have to start with getting dressed up having my hair done. Maybe a massage or a facial Then out to lunch at a nice restaurant followed by a walk along the beach


    1. Ooh Joanna, sounds blissful! So when are you going to mark it off in your diary and do exactly that? Spend today thinking about that, the smell of the hairdressers, the excitement tingling in your belly, relaxing and getting papmpered and what ever comes next. Go do it, you will have so much fun and feel recharged by the end of the day 🙂


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