What is Happyness?

Ah, the big question. I like to think of it like your Soul or Spirit’s Essence, what you are truely made of. That’s why when we follow our hearts, be it in work, business, sport, family etc. we get a feeling of completeness and joy.

The trick is trying to find that path that leads you there. We wander off it many times in our life, sometimes we follow our friends or follow the ideas of what other people think we should do instead. I’ve done that, quite a few times.

You are like no other person on this planet, even if you are a twin. Did you know as twins age their DNA changes because of their thoughts and beliefs? By age 70 identical twins’ many chromosomes look completely different from one another. (Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul- Deepak Chopra)

So do you feel special? Are you here for a higher purpose than what you are doing right now? If you are feeling like there should be something more for you, that there must be more to life than this, especially when you see all these celebrities following their dreams.

What is your Dream?  Maybe it’s been covered in dust in the back of your mind for so long, you’ve forgotten it’s even there.

That was me. This time last year I was bored with my life, my business had gone stagnant and I wanted to scream most days, ‘C’mon, is this it?!’

One step, one decision is all it takes.Follow what Inspires you. My first step was going to Tuscany and getting all the cobwebs blown off all those old memories and dreams. For you it might be accepting an invitation to a party you wouldn’t normally go to and meeting a new friend who changes how you see yourself. Maybe you are stuck in a dead end job, you know it. But are too scared to say ‘I quit, I’ve got better plans for my life!’

If you close your eyes right this minute, take three big slow breaths. In then slowly out, then ask yourself ‘Am I Happy?’ You will hear a voice inside tell you the answer. It may be immediate, you might have to wait a little while, but just feel what your body, your gut or your intuition is telling you. Just breathe and listen.

That’s the first step to finding your Happy-ness, the essence of you and your joy. Not everyone wants to change the world, but you can change your own.

Much love,

Bernie x



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