About Me Being Happy Continued

Decision Italy

If you haven’t been on holiday in 5 years and any you have been on was with your other half, then making a decision to go away for a week without asking the other person is like waving a red flag to a bull. Well it was in my case.

But this wasn’t about him, this was about me. The idea terrified and totally thrilled me all at once. I’d always wanted to go to Italy for such a long time. My best friend had been there 3 times already and always made me feel so jealous when she reminisced about the sun, the food, the country and the people.

Sod that!

If there was one place that would re-ignite my soul and spark my life back into colour, fun and beauty, it was going to be Italy!

We planned it like a military operation, we even took Italian lessons where I learned I could speak Italian in my head perfectly but when I said things out loud I didn’t have a clue. I also learned I could read Italian way better than I would ever be able to speak it, which was good enough for me to start with.

Dolce Vita!

I learned quite a few things about myself in Tuscany, I felt my soul stirred by the most astounding and beautiful countryside and mountains. I also felt my cares and worries had just floated off for a week, nowhere to be found as I submerged myself into this amazing place, it’s people and it’s food.

I felt like a kid again. Remember when you were little and you parents took you to somewhere you had always wanted to go, like Disneyland, and when you got there you were just in awe and amazement and full of pure unadulterated joy? That was how Italy felt for me.

I fell in love with the country and I fell in love with myself again.

I didn’t actually know I had fallen out of love with myself until I got there, then all of a sudden I didn’t care what I looked like or what I had forgotten to do before I left. I didn’t just leave my everyday life behind, I left my everyday thoughts behind too.

That’s when I glimpsed Happyness. La Dolce Vita, meaning ‘The Sweet Life’ or Life is Sweet. An everyday term over there.

The Italians love their food, especially desert. They love their wine, they love their country and they love life. THAT my friends is what I realised I was missing. I didn’t Love my life, I wasn’t Passionate about anything, I didn’t Stand for anything, not even my own happiness.

I’d forgotten how to have fun and just enjoy life!

That right there is where everything changed and my journey began. And I’m going to help you find your Happyness too.

Life is Sweet, when savoured
Life is Sweet, when savoured

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