About Being Happy

Hi, my name is Bernie Browne and I’m finally doing what really makes me happy! This blog and what I do is about helping others do what makes them happy too.

My journey started more than 10 years ago and amongst a broken marriage, changing jobs 3 times and then finally going out on my own, I’ve been on my true path to Happyness for about three years now.

3 years ago I was so miserable, so bored both with myself and my life in general, that I had to take steps to change it. No, not had to, Felt in the pit of my stomach that if I didn’t start to change things soon then they would always look like this. You know that feeling and it scared the sh*t out of me! Ever felt that way? Maybe you feel like that right now and that’s why you are reading this page.

How did I change it? I took a step out of my comfort zone. Well it started with one and then another and then more. Not a place you think you’ll find happiness or bliss but I wasn’t feeling it inside my comfort zone. That day I talked with my best friend and we decided then and there to book a holiday to Italy. Might not sound scary, it actually wasn’t but the decision was. I asked no-one else’s permission, I gave myself my own permission and took responsibility for my own happiness, my journey back to Happyness began.

Me in Tuscany

These days I follow my love of crystals, nature, eating well, keeping my love tank full and giving as much as I can back to other women who find themselves in the same place I did a few short years ago.

I am a Women’s Empowerment & Spiritual Life Coach and it lights me up, makes me continuously grateful and humble to be doing something I truly love and bringing the tools and skills I’ve learned over my life to that forum. I’m making a difference, one powerful woman at a time.

Want to find out more, dive on into my pages and I’ll share with you where it has lead me so far…….


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