About Me Being Happy

Hi, my name is Bernie and I’ve finally started a blog that really makes me happy! I’m not kidding. My journey started more than 10 years ago and among a broken marriage, changing jobs 3 times and then finally going out on my own, I’ve only just started my new path on the road to Happyness about a year ago.

Last year I was so miserable, so bored both with myself and my life in general that I had to take steps to change it. No, not had to, Felt in the pit of my stomach that if I didn’t start to change things soon then they would always look like this. That scared the sh*t out of me! Ever felt that way? Maybe you feel like that right now and that’s why you are reading my page.

How did I change it? I took a step out of my comfort zone. Not a place you think you’ll feel happiness or bliss but I wasn’t feeling it inside my comfort zone, so I talked with my best friend and we decided then and there to book a holiday to Italy. Might not sound scary, it actually wasn’t but the decision was. I asked no-one else’s permission, I gave myself my own permission and the journey began.

Me in Tuscany

Lots of holidays, finding myself and my bliss, getting spoilt and sharing the treasure and of course finding Happyness!

Want to find out more, dive on into my pages and I’ll share with you where it has lead me so far…….

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